Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Live Trading Seminars

There's more than a few ways to learn trading. One very good way is hands on training at a live trading seminar, workshop or event. It's a great way to learn, and most of all become very focused at the art of trading with other like minded teachers and traders.

Live Trading Seminars combine trading education, case studies and live demonstrations in energetic events guaranteed to take your trading to the next level.

During live trading events and courses you'll gain highly informative and engaging trading knowledge along with multiple innovative wealth-building strategies and unique trading methodologies with the power to truly change the way you approach the market.

High-profit, low-risk, low-stress trading strategies that are going to save you time, energy, and money in the long term.

Live trading seminars demystify the world of trading by breaking down key concepts into easily digestible pieces. Avoiding overly theoretical or technically complicated material, professional traders reveal the core building blocks for creating wealth using the field-tested trading strategies.

What You'll Learn at a Live Trading Seminar

How to use trading strategies to profit in up, down and sideways markets.

The keys to creating a fail-safe master trading plan, and why you need one.

Different methods for finding low risk high reward trade setups.

Insider tricks that successful traders use to profit in all markets.

How to identify and manage trades with 3:1 plus reward-to-risk ratios.

Secrets for entering and exiting trades.

Remember, becoming a successful trader is easier than you may think. Thanks to live trading seminars, thousands of new traders are becoming successful profitable traders.

When you register for a live trading seminar, you'll receive extensive home study course material, and a valuable collection of other educational materials also. The materials are ideal for at-home preparation prior to attending the seminar, and are a valuable reference guide afterwards.

In clear, concise language, the home study course materials reinforce the concepts, methods and strategies taught at the live trading seminars. You can practice in your workbook and use the DVDs, CDs and guidebooks to continually refine your trading skills.

Course materials come complete with, quick start guide, strategy guides, video DVDs, and audio CDs.

Trading is a disciplined skill that requires patience and practice. Take advantage of the value-added bonuses that are available at live trading seminars.

Complimentary subscription to monthly trading newsletters helps you stay abreast of market events and provides an abundance of insight for enhancing your trading results.

Theres discussion boards that offer an interactive way to share strategy tips, exchange ideas and enhance your seminar experience in the company of like-minded traders.

Exclusive, complimentary articles every week and month provide you with in-depth analysis from industry insiders in tune with current market activities.

Continuing education opportunities allow you to broaden your trading knowledge and increase your skills by enrolling in a variety of strategy-oriented courses, advanced seminars, at-home education and much more.

Live trading semianrs provide unique opportunities to learn the fundamentals of trading in a live-action setting. Taught by professional traders, these seminars reveals the critical elements of a successful wealth-building trading program.

You'll find that live trading seminars offer constructive training for both beginners and seasoned traders.

Click here for a local live trading seminar nearest where you live.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Trading Gaps with Eat My Shorts

I opened my forex charts the moment the market opened today. Many of the currency pairs had gapped up and down. What are gaps? How to trade gaps profitably, and stay within low risk high reward objectives we are looking for as traders?

Holy Grail Trading

Every trader is looking for the holy grail - so to speak - of trading stocks, options futures, and forex. Trading gaps is just one of many profitable or un-profitable trades setups going. Learning what to recognized in a gap and apply time tested gap trading techniques does keep your risk low and reward high. Always know the rules, and follow them.

There is always a debate of what is the best method of determining the next big price move in a stock, options, future, or forex contract. Is it the fundamentals or the technicals? Or put it another way - what the price IS or what it is DOING?


Many investors look for undervalued stocks, ones that show potential, they try to determine the stocks future in light of the world scene and coming needs. They look both to the past, present, and future.


Some don't care about the stock itself but look merely to indicators, is the price relatively oversold or undersold. These types may look for such things as moving averages and divergences between short term and medium term movements of the price. They hope to find mathmatical formulas that will tell them everything they need to know and if and when to buy or sell.

Combining Techniques

Because both worlds are so vast, it is often very difficult to combine the two. Imaging try to blend karate and wrestling 100 years ago. There are hybrids now, but masters of both arts are jealous and do not like to share. Also, where do you start?

Strengths Weaknesses

First you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of both. Fundamentals can tell you that price is stable and currently worth the price. Technicals can tell you how the market feels about the financial instrument right now. But what is the best way to foretell the future price?

How much time you spend depends on what your objective is. Are you investing in this for life, or is this a one-month trade or a weekly, or day-trade?

Eat My Shorts Gap Trading System

Here's one way to trade of many. First look to issues that gap-up or gap-down. I like issues that move and I hate investing in a issue that just holds my money for years. Screen all gap-ups after the market closes. Next look a little closer at the fundamentals. Examine the stock to see WHY it gapped up. Was it a news item, a good report, a last bit of euphoria amonst the bulls? If the fundamentals do not tell you why the stock gapped up then look to the technicals.

Basically, of the many reasons that a issue will gap, but only accept two. You want a issue that gapped to fill itself or to go back down to previous 'pre-gapping' levels. A good knowledge of fundamentals and technicals can tell you this. What happens next is a no-brainer. Watch during the first 1/2 hour of stock market activity the next morning to see what's happending. If the above is true, you can quickly short the issue short term and take a quick profit. Of course use stop-losses in case the market proves you wrong.

Your mentality is not to invest for the next 30 years and wait for a company to double in size. You only want 2% - 4% profit per day, which is reasonable and fairly easy to get if you know what to look for.

What does 2% to 4% per day relate to in profit?

If you started with $1,000 and consistently got 4% profit per day for example, and kept re-investing the profits every day, how much do you think you would have after 100 days? $50,0000!!!

How much would your $1,000 turn into at the end of one year?

83 billion dollars!!!

Yes, smaller profits that compound are worth much more to you than a issue merely doubling in one year. But again, we are not perfect and we must be happy with merely being millionaires and not billionaires - YET!

Click here to review a detailed Gap Trading System called "Eat My Shorts"! What a crazy name for a trading system?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Scottsdale "Options Intensive" Trading Workshop

The Trading Trainer - Market Insights for Serious Options Traders

"Options Intensive" Trading Workshop November 8 Scottsdale Arizona

Starting on Thursday, November 8 and running through Sunday, November 11 at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Golf Club.

For the first time ever, A.J. Brown is going to reveal his personal trading system and how he used it to make nearly a million dollars in just 30 months. A.J. Brown is a notable options trader who started with $5,000 and traded to $984,000 in 30 months.

During this time, A.J. is going to "pull back the curtain" on his unique approach to trading and walk you step-by-step through his proprietary system and methods.

Not only will A.J. be speaking from the stage and conducting a hands-on workshop, he'll also be answering questions live and in person, mingling with attendees, and enjoying a private dinner with a select few traders.

Even better, you'll be introduced to A.J.'s personal mentors. These are the same people he hires for advice and guidance. In fact, they are responsible for helping A.J. become a millionaire in less than 3 years!

Finally, by attending this 4-day Intensive, you'll be given the exclusive opportunity to join A.J.'s next Apprentice Program, which starts in January 2008. The only way to become an Apprentice is to come to this event.

A.J.'s account has now grown to a whopping $1.2 million. That's over a million dollars in trading profits in 3 years and 1 month. Few traders have a track record like that.

Click here to learn more about this "Options Intensive" Trading Workshop in Scottsdale Arizona November 8.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stock Trading Robot

By: Tom Hunter

What I am about to share with you, is a very unusual story.

Unusual... because it is about 2 "geeks", named Michael and Carl. Who developed the first commercially available stock picking "robot". Michael (the programmer) named the robot "Marl".

Marl came about after Michael developed the famous "Global Alpha" computer stock trading model, while contracted to Goldman Sachs.

A piece of software which most years is responsible for 4,000,000,000+ Annual Trading Profit.

With this software project completed, Michael looked for a new way to line his pockets. Unfortunately he had signed a Non Compete and NDA agreement with Goldman Sachs, forbidding him to create software which trades derivatives and similar financial instruments (like Global Alpha).

After 3 weeks of being temporarily unemployed, Michael who was very wealthy and very bored... Decided to start a new project.

You see Goldman Sachs and most other large investment funds are at a major disadvantage. They often manage portfolios of up to $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars) - and because of this when they invest in stocks their scope is limited to just a few of the worlds largest firms (Coca-Cola, Google).

This problem is widespread amongst fund managers whom manage large amounts of capital. In fact Warren Buffet (Whom manages $53 billion) has the exact same problem.

Michael knew he could take advantage of this. By developing software which can run on any home computer, and manage funds between $100 and $500,000.

With managing such a small comparative amount, Michael's software could yield much higher returns. In fact it is designed to trade in the volatile penny stock market where stocks can increase 400% in a matter of minutes.

Michael worked with fund manager Carl Williamson to create the bot. "Marl" works by analysing each stock using "technical analysis". Which means analysing a stocks past price movements to predict the stocks future direction.

The various changes in price (when made into a chart) form what traders call "chart patterns" and it is exactly these price patterns Marl is looking for.

When first activated, Marl will use its own database to perform a scan of stocks trading on the OTC and Pink sheet exchanges. During this time Marl is looking for companies whom are forming bullish trading patterns.(stocks about to increase)

Carl helped Michael program the bot to identify (in split second timing) distinct trading patterns from a vast range of 6578, held in Marl's internal database.

If Marl identifies a clean, uncongested chart pattern, that is proven to yield a good risk/reward - Then the stock will be added to Marl's "Watch List". All of these "watched stocks" will be forming bullish patterns (indicating the stock is about to rise).

This watch list has two distinct advantages. The first and most obvious is that Marl can easily monitor hundreds of stocks at the same time. The second is that Marl is programmed on an "evolutionary framework". What this means, is that as Marl is watching hundreds of stock patterns it actually learns the most likely direction of stock prices under thousands of situations.

Click here to review Marl, the stock trading robot and avail of a free trial of its stock doubling picks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earn up to $2,500 with Interbank FX

Open a InterbankFX Live Trading Account and earn up to $2,500!

Click Here To Review and Avail of This Promo from InterbankFX and Invest2Success!

Thousands of Forex Brokers . . . What Broker Do I Open With?

There's hundreds if not thousands or more online forex brokers out there. How do you know which one to open an account with? After using a dozen or more different online forex brokers ourselves over the years, in the USA, and in foreign locations, we learned a few things to say the least. We decided years ago, to partner with InterbankFX for various important reasons. Read further for more of the little reasons. We're glad we did.

Forex Un-Regulated Market

Forex is an un-regulated global financial market. Its best to trade with registered and regulated forex brokers. Interbank FX, LLC USA, is a USA registered Futures Commission Merchant or FCM, regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC. Interbank FX is also a member of the NFA. ID #0326091 NFA web site. As an FCM and NFA member, Interbank FX must comply with the strictest of accounting and control standards, which include weekly and monthly reporting requirements. Forex brokers outside of the USA I don't touch with a ten foot pole anymore. Had to many problems, wasted to much time and money with them. Lesson learned.

Financial Markets Risk Warning

Trading the financial markets such as the stock market, stock options, commodities, futures, and forex foreign exchange on margin, carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors speculators and traders. Before deciding to trade any financial market, investors should carefully consider their degree of knowledge, monetary goals objectives, trading plan preparations, money mananagement, position sizing, and risk tolerance. The possibility exists that investors could sustain a loss of some or all of their deposited funds, and therefore investors should not speculate with capital that they cannot afford to lose. Investors should be aware of all the risks associated with financial market trading, especially leveraged margin trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if they have any doubts. Past returns are not indicative of future results. For more information contact the NFA - National Futures Association

Interbank FX Milestones in 2007

Strong Growth in Customer Accounts: Over 19,000 customer accounts in 135 countries, and net customer funds of $80 million as of September 2007, representing an increase of 191% since year end 2006.

Record Monthly Trading Volumes: Notional trading volume of over $60 billion in August 2007 represents the highest monthly trading volume recorded in IBFX's history of operation.

Company Awards and Recognition: IBFX CEO Todd Crosland was awarded Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year. 2007 Award for the Utah and New Mexico region and IBFX was recognized as the top performer in the Utah Valley. Entrepreneurial Forums 2007 Top 25 Under Five awards. Enhanced Net Capital Position: Following a significant minority equity investment by established private equity firm Spectrum Equity Investors in July 2007, IBFX has over $27 million in net capital to support its continued growth and market-leading execution and service offerings.

Click the "Earn up to $2,500 with Interbank FX" title link above to review more about choosing a good forex broker.

Good day, and good forex trading!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Online Trading for Financial Freedom

The average online trader is not a loser, but does lose many times in investing and trading. Hopefully the knowledge I share here everyday can help those of you are losing to much in the financial markets right now. Follow this basic approach to minimize losses and maximize winners. Gain knowledge, set dated investment trading goals, have an investing trading plan, take action on the plan, and success will be the result.

Investing and trading is a game in which you cannot afford to be average. Thousands of new and inexperienced traders are being charged hundreds, even thousands of dollars by scam artists and self proclaimed experts for dubious stock picking services and mechanical buy and sell signal generators. How can you take advantage of this lucrative environment without being taken in by mediocre advice.

Learn the answers to the 3 most important questions of profitable trading.

Which stocks, options, currencies or commodities to trade?
When to enter the trade?
When to get out of the trade at either take-profit or stop-loss?

Novice traders have a 95% failure rate. If they fail who is to blame? Bad luck? The good news is you can correct your bad trading. Trading success has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with you. Your discipline. Your hard work. Your courage.

Did you know that successful stock traders couldn't care less about whether the NASDAQ or the NYSE are dropping in value? That's right! In fact, the panic and fear that accompany falling markets make it easier for successful traders. The reason is that panicky investors and traders have very predictable behavior, and it's precisely this predictability that gives the successful traders their competitive edge.

Let's have a look at typical trading example.

The typical inexperienced member of the trading "herd" enters the market, or his position. This is a trader who cannot stand the notion that he might be left out of an ongoing rally. At this point the experienced traders start to cash in on their profits and the rally quickly starts running out of steam. When the stock declines to the point where our trader cannot take any more pain he gets out, just before the stock finally hits it's bottom. If for some reason he didn't exit, he will most likely exit a short time later being happy to recover some of his losses. This is exactly the kind of "herd" trader that successful traders prey upon.

If you don't want to become an easy prey you will have to arm yourself with the right knowledge, equipment, tools and strategy.

The "Online Trading for Financial Freedom"™ will help you do just that.

Just imagine how much money you would have made if your mutual fund had stayed out of the market on the days of the biggest declines. One of the strongest weapons in the hands of a stock trader is knowing when to stay out of the market. The problem with mutual funds is that they are always in the market. If the market tanks, you go for the gut-wrenching ride. If your money is in mutual funds, market volatility is your enemy.

When you are either day trading or swing/position trading, market volatility is not only your friend, but an essential element in successful trading. You can profit from upturns and downturns in the market, and you only need volatility. So take your money in your own hands, and out of those mutual funds that are losing your hard earned money.

What will happen to the stock market over the next four months? Professional investors and trader couldn't care less! They will make money either way!

"It is not time to buy, but it is too late to sell." I heard these words on CNN from a certain mutual fund manager. It's hard to believe that anyone could trust such a person to manage their money.

If it's not time to buy it is definitely time to sell. If you are in a trade and the reasons that got you there in the first place cease to exist, you should get out. There's a lot of money to be made when prices are falling, so don't care about whether the market is going up or down, care about your entry positions, your take-profit positions, and most importantly your stop-loss positions.

Click here to learn more detailed investing and trading information to minimize your losses, and maximize your gains.

Good day, good investing and trading!

Trading Ckecklist

In trading as in life, how you think determines the results you achieve. Read on below for six key behaviors that you should put on your checklist for trading success.

Check to see if you possess the traits and beliefs of winning traders.

1. My trading objectives are perfectly clear, and I truly believe I will achieve these goals. If you have the belief that you will win, you increase your chances of trading to win. In order to have this level of conviction, you must have a thoroughly-tested plan. You also must have a clear vision of how you will proceed with your plan to reach your goal. The more detailed you can visualize your goals being achieved, the more you will strengthen your internal belief and confidence that you will reach your goals.

2. I have created a plan to achieve my trading goals. I'm sure you've heard the saying "I didn't plan to fail; I failed to plan." Without a plan, your results will tend to be mixed and uninspiring. Commit to writing down your trading plan, and make sure you can answer the questions found in a recent TrendWatch on creating your trading plan.
3. I prepare my plan before the trading day starts. If you don't have a plan of action once the trading bell rings, you are moving from the proactive mentality into a reactive approach. I contend that the more reactive you become, the more you will get in late to market moves and dramatically diminish your reward-to-risk ratio. I prepare after the close for the next day's trading, seeking to stay proactive and a step ahead of the rest of the crowd.

4. I regularly monitor my trading results to measure my progress toward my goals. Trading results tend to follow a zig-zag approach similar to how a plane is guided to its destination. At periodic steps along the way, if a pilot is off course, they will set a new course towards the target. This is called course correction. Once you have defined your trading target, your periodic evaluation should lead you to assess what is taking you off course and encourage you to make the necessary corrections to get you back on target.

5. I quickly discard negative emotions that can hurt my trading results. When you lose, you want to learn from the experience, then put it behind you. You cannot afford to dwell on a loss once the trade is complete. You have to have total focus on the new moment and forget about the past, save for the time you allocate to evaluating past trades (which should be done outside market hours).

6. I am focused on the market during the trading day, and not easily distracted by non-market activities during trading hours. This can be a tough one for many traders who have many responsibilities. If this is the case, define the time you will be focused on the market and make arrangements not to be interrupted.

I hope this helps on your journey in developing yourself to become a successful trader and investor. Trading the markets is a journey, so take your time, and enjoy it. Along with our own behaviors, using the right trading tools is very important too.

Click here to review top trading software programs with a varying ranges of features and benefits.

Good day and good trading!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Donald Trump Real Estate Software

Donald Trump the king of real estate, and Trump University have done it again with a comprehensive software tool for real estate investors called . . .

"Real Estate Investor's Edge Software"

Make Smarter More Profitable Real Estate Investment Decisions

Search properties by address and get detailed information. Get the latest pre-foreclosure and foreclosure listings. Specify criteria and pull COMPS on any property. Map specific properties via 2 online map services

Although there are some lucky investors who manage to achieve overnight success, those investors are few and far between. Most successful investors have to build their wealth by making one profitable investment decision at a time. But what tools do they use to determine whether they should buy, sell, or walk away?

Successful investors have the edge--the ability to access current property and industry information and a proven, structured method for analyzing it. The Investor’s Edge Software is designed to deliver vital property information and an organized method for analysis in one easy-to-use program. Get instant access to the following information:

With Your Database Subscription You Will Get Instant Access to the Following:

Database Access - One-Stop Resource!

Instantly access up-to-date, detailed property information right from your computer. Your monthly $29.95 Database Subscription provides you with access to:

Nationwide Pre-Foreclosure Listings Updated Daily

Notice of Defaults
Lis Pendens
Notice of Trustee Sales

Government-Owned Property Listings Updated Weekly

Government Agency Owned/Seized Properties
Department of Housing and Urban Development Properties
IRS, DEA and others

Nationwide Comparable Listings

Unlimited COMPS searches
Updated Market Sales Data

Bank Owned and REO Property Listings Updated Weekly

Various National and Local Banks
Various National and Local Lenders

Detailed Property Information

Up to 125 property-related fields

Dynamic and Interactive Mapping Sources

Not sure where a specific property is located? This real estate investing software suite provides you with three mapping options.

Unlimited Property and COMPS Map Views
DigitalGlobe® Mapping
Google Earth® Interactive Mapping

Detailed Analytical Process

The Investor’s Edge Software guides you through a 6-step analysis wizard that carefully analyzes each aspect of buying, selling, and maintaining real estate. Straight-forward enough for a novice investor, yet powerful enough for a seasoned investor - the software’s analytical function is sophisticated enough to process more complex information and create detailed reports on:

Mortgage and closing costs
Improvements and rehab
Rental analysis
Monthly operating expenses
Sales analysis

Additional Tools and Features

The software includes a variety of tools which will help you stay organized and make sure you don’t overlook pertinent information.

Glossary of terms
Letters of Engagement

Home Affordability
Quick Commercial
Mortgage Accelerator

Legal Documents
Home Improvement
Mortgage Finder
Credit Score
Google Earth

How to buy a HUD
How to Buy Pre-Foreclosures
Basic Foreclosure Laws by State
Improvements/Rehab Checklist & Guidelines

Quick Note Evaluator
Expense Tracker
Proposal Writer
Premium Reports

Click the Real Estate Investors Edge Software case below to review its comprehensive capabilities.

Real Estate Investing Software

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Market Neutral Options Trading

Good wednesday. Yesterday I posted about the San Francisco "Options Intensive" Trading Bootcamp starting this Oct 12th. If you can't make it to the workshop or don't have the money for it, try this unique and low cost options trading strategy below.

This is a options trading strategy that is not affected whether the market goes up or down. It's called Market Neutral Options Trading.

First I want to say that it is a fact that is it is possible to make money from options trading on a consistent basis if you know how. The problem is many options trading strategies such as high risk options strategies can achieve super-high profits, when they are successful. Examples of 250% or 300% profit on one single trade are true but the probability of that happening is as low many times.

One key to consistent profits from the options market is to stay market neutral. Market Neutral Options strategies provides low risk high probability options trades to generate consistent monthly income.

Theres a options trading advisory service called Market Neutral Options.

Market Neutral Options not only provides you with profitable option trades each month, it will also provide you with detailed analysis of each trade. Learn why they put up a trade, how they make money from it, what if something happens, etc. Soon you will be able to scout for your own profitable options trades using their option trading techniques. Market Neutral Options provides you the options trades and more importantly also teaches you to find them yourself and manage them. Kind of like earn while you learn options trading.

Market Neutral Options is the first and only options trading advisory that we know of to charge subscribers based on performance. If their trades don't help you make money, they don't get paid. Many advisory services charge a fixed rate of hundreds of dollars month after month even if their recommendations lose money.

Market Neutral Options charges you a low yearly sign-up fee of $25 (renewable yearly, which is only about $2 a month! You won't have to pay them a cent until you make money from their recommendations. $2 a month. Cheap!

Their formula is simple and fair. If their trade recommendation makes 30% profit, you pay $30 for that trade. Period. Your bill is capped at $50. The maximum you will pay for any month is $50. Even if their advisories help you make 100% profit you still pay only $50.

What a bargain! Click here to check out their service. It also comes with a Free 30 Day Trial!

Good day and good options trading!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

San Francisco "Options Intensive" Trading Bootcamp Oct 12th

It's Tuesday, and before I forget, I want to inform you of this live options trading seminar on Friday. This live event will sell out most likely, so don't wait to register.

The "Options Intensive" Trading Bootcamp is in San Francisco October 12th, 13th, and 14th as the top minds in advanced options trading strategies share their power secrets for trading success.

Pre-Register To Receive 6 Weeks Of No-Obligation “Sneak Preview” FREE Training With The 2007 Options Intensive Faculty.

Avail of the exclusive FREE Tele-Seminars and Web-Seminars with the speakers prior to the event, with noted options trading experts Larry McMillan, Stephen Bigalow, Price Headley, David Elliott, Tom Sosnoff, Ron Ianieri and Bill Johnson.

The All-Star Lineup Above of Expert Analysts and Teachers In Dozens of Trading Disciplines will be in San Francisco to share their latest strategies for sustaining gains and protecting profits.

Get The Latest Breaking Trading Information not available anywhere else.

Candlesticks, Tech Analysis, Stocks, & Options Trading Strategies like you've never seen. Complex techniques broken down to their simplest moves give you the Professional Trader's Inside Edge.

Expert Networking Opportunities and Functions. The teaching staff will be available between presentations to make sure you have every tool you need to continue leveraging what you've learned long after you leave. Includes lunches paid for you. Relax in comfort and compare notes with your fellow students.

With Time to Meet Other Successful Traders. Talk to Master Traders, Instructors and Past Seminar Attendees and see how the information they've learned dropped more dollars into their accounts just days after their last Super-Conference.

Exhibit Hall and Sponsor Booths give you added time for additional information gathering and continuing education opportunities.

Can't Make It To San Francisco?

If you can't make it to the Bootcamp, avail of the online options trading courses, free options strategy guide, and options trading software below. Good day and good options trading! See you in San Francisco!

Options UniversityOptions Trading SoftwareOptions Trading Boot Camp San Francisco
2007 "Options Intensive" Live Trading and Investing Bootcamp

San Francisco October 12th, 13th, and 14th. Professional Options Traders Sharing Their Successful Option Trading Strategies. Power Secrets For Options Trading Success. No-Obligation Reservation To Receive 6 Weeks Of "Sneak Preview" FREE Options Training!

Monday, October 08, 2007

State Real Estate Auctions

State real estate auctions have been around for long time. With the real estate and credit crunch crisis getting worse, purchasing quality inexpensive real estate through state and government auctions with significant discounts through bank and foreclosure auctions has never been so plentiful and easier.

Real Estate Auction Opportunities

Many states and cities in the United States currently are experiencing declining real estate prices for many reasons. State and government real estate auctions are a good source for finding real estate properties that are in default because of a variety of factors including mortgage loan defaults, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. With the right knowledge, investment goals, and investment plan, buying a real estate property at a substantial discounts to todays, and even future market prices is now available.

Question: What are seized properties? Why are they so cheap?


A seized property is a home that has been repossessed by the lender because the owners failed to pay the mortgage - this is called foreclosure. Hundreds of thousands of homes end up in foreclosure every year. Economic conditions affect the number of foreclosures, too. Due to a variety of circumstances, hundreds of people or businesses default on their mortgages every day, and as a result have their properties seized by banks or other private and government institutions. Because of the constant influx of new seized properties and the enormous amount of money and time required to maintain and market them, the banks attempt to recover at least some of the money by conducting public seized property auctions. As a member, you will be able to access fresh listings nationwide and have an exclusive ability to buy directly from the banks and other institutions, for up to 90% off the actual market value of any property.

Question: What types of seized properties are there?


You can find virtually any type of real estate from single-family houses, multi-unit houses, apartments, townhouses, commercial properties, mobile homes, land, timeshares, vacation and rental properties.

Question: How do you determine the value of a seized property?


Information regarding the assessed value and the current market value of seized property is always provided by law with the real estate property.

Question: Is it possible to get financing?


Yes. You can access a wide variety of financial institutions that provide mortgages for seized properties. Your interest rate will vary depending on your credit score and other factors, but even with bad credit you will be able to buy properties with small down payments and have a good interest rate on your mortgage, because there are hundreds of banks and they are forced to compete for your business.

Question: Is it possible to resell the properties and make profit?


Absolutely! Many people have been doing this for a long time now, building their wealth and net worth in the process, buying and selling seized properties. More and more properties become repossessed every month now thus providing a constant variety and a growth factor to this market sector. You can acquire the properties and sell them immediately for their current going market value, and pocket all the profit which could range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars if you buy smart. Remember, real estate is the number one "millionaire-maker" in the United States, and seized properties sector is the number one profit-generator within the real estate market.

Question: Is it possible to buy properties with $0 down?


Of course. Zero-down seized properties are available in every state and many new properties are added to the listings on a daily basis.

Click here to benefit from state real estate auctions today to profit tomorrow!

Friday, October 05, 2007

3 Forex Trading Strategies

There's more than one way to trade any market. The forex market is no exception. Check out these three unique and funny sounding forex trading strategies. Having as many simple tools at your disposal can mean smaller stop-losses, and larger take profit target points.

Forex Cash Cow Strategy

The Forex Cash Cow strategy is pretty amazing. This system is 100% mechanical, this means it requires no discretion, no interpretation, or judgment. You will simply learn to follow strict rules: if A = B then do C! Since it is a price driven strategy you will not use any type of indicators, the only thing you will need to know is the price of the currency pair you are trading. It takes 1 minute per week to implement this strategy, making it perfect for people who do not have the necessary time to monitor the market.

Forex Runner

Forex Runner does not use any tools or indicators to trade it, the only thing you will need is the price of the currency pair. Again, Forex Runner let's you trade 100% emotion-free since it is completely mechanical. It's rules are incredibly easy to understand, it will not take you more than one hour to learn how to trade it. Small stop losses, large profit objectives and a large percentage of winning trades makes Forex Runner a top performing forex trading system.

Forex Flip & Go

With the forex market open 24x7 every currency pair has it's own special behavior (sort of "personality"!) throughout this 24 hour period. Professional traders know this and they exploit this characteristic of the forex market to pull in profits day after day.

Forex Flip & Go is another price driven day trading strategies you can take advantage of a certain explosvie characteristic of the EUR/USD pair. The EURUSD is the most liquid of all currency pairs in the market, and which produces high probability low risk trades over and over again.

The EUR/USD's daily range is about 80-100 pips. As day-traders we want to catch a big portion of this daily move and we want to do it with as little risk as possible. The strength of the Forex Flip & Go strategy is that it catches a large part of these daily swings right at the beginning of the move.

Click here to see in detail these three forex trading strategies.

Good friday, good trading, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Trading For A Living

If you want to break away from your current situation, you have to have a plan to replace the income you will lose. If you are making $100,000 annually, what will it take to replace this? There are several factors you need to consider:

How Much Capital Do You Have?

What capital base are you starting with? Most traders are far too under capitalized, meaning they don't give themselves a chance to stay in the game because they have too little money and thus invest too great of a percentage of their capital into any one trade. According to the book Market Wizards, one great trader noted that his ideal portfolio risk per position was 2.2%. That means if you invest 10% of your capital in an options trade, you should not take more than a 22% loss. Most traders take on too much risk per position and end up enduring an excessive drawdown which knocks them out of the game.

What's Your Return On Investment Goals?

What return can you realistically expect to generate? Here your assumptions should be conservative, based on averaging all your wins and losses over time. If you expect to generate a 10% annual return, then you need a starting capital base of $1,000,000 to end up with $100,000 annually. If you expect a 20% annual return, then your initial capital must be $500,000.

Incorporate For Tax Savings

Investigate corporation and LLC structures for tax savings. There often are ways to better manage your expenses via trading as a business instead of as an individual. One of the best books on the subject is Ted Tesser's The NEW Trader's Tax Solution. Also consult your tax adviser to assess your situation in more detail.

Lower Your Living Expenses

Cut living expenses as much as possible. This may lower the effective dollars you need to live on, which can help you in the early years by reducing the pressure to trade too large or too often.

In Summary

The bottom line is that you may be ready, or perhaps you need to keep your current income a while longer while also trading on an end-of-day basis. Also make sure you can implement your well-tested method's entries, exits and money management strategies without a fault. If you follow a plan to aggressively cut expenses to increase your amount saved, and trade that wisely on an end-of-day time-frame, you can build your capital to the point that you can realistically expect to create a trading career for yourself.

Simply Your Life with Trading Software - Free Trial

Click the link below for what we use, and consider one of the best trading softwares on the market that identifies, evaluates and manages low risk high reward trade setups in stocks, forex, commodities, and futures. For margin leverage trading accounts, the software comes with an automatic money management function to correctly position size and not over leverage. See above again for the important points on this I just discussed.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Real Estate Foreclosure Report

National Real Estate Foreclosure Reports

Foreclosure activity increased 36 percent from July to August. Foreclosure activity increased 115 percent from August 2006. A total of 179,599 foreclosure filings were reported nationwide in July 2007. Foreclosure Filings Up 93 Percent From July 2006. The foreclosure rate was one foreclosure filing for every 693 households.

State Foreclosure Reports

Nevada, California and Florida posted the top three state foreclosure rates. The states with the most total foreclosure filings were California, Florida, Ohio, Texas and Michigan. California cities accounted for six of the top 10 metro foreclosure rates. Modesto, Stockton and Merced documented the top three metro foreclosure rates. Other top 10 metro foreclosure rates were Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Cleveland.

Nevada documented the nation’s highest state foreclosure rate for the seventh month in a row, one foreclosure filing for every 199 households. Georgia’s foreclosure rate leapfrogged from eighth highest in June to second highest in July thanks to a 75 percent increase in foreclosure activity from the previous month. California reported 39,013 foreclosure filings in July, the most of any state for the seventh month in a row and up 289 percent from July 2006. Other states with foreclosure rates ranking among the nation’s 10 highest in July were California, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts and Indiana.

Buying foreclosures can be a profitable real estate investment strategy.

As always you should research the real estate foreclosure market first, then buy below market price, and sell higher later when the market recovers to capture your profit. Or buy and hold the property and rent it out to bring in positive cashflow from it.

Foreclosure properties can be a terrific investment, or give home buyers a much more affordable option than traditional properties in this time of escalating prices. But, before you jump in assuming this is "real-estate for dummies" or the next get-rich-quick scheme, think again! You really need to know your stuff when it comes to navigating your way through the process and making sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Web-based services like SeizedRealEstate.com can help investors and home-buyers tap into this previously hidden market by providing access to foreclosure and pre-foreclosure information typically available only to professional real estate brokers and investors. Today, home-buyers can use these services to identify and research potential home purchases, as well as to find the tools and professional resources they need to help them close the deal.

When offering advice to buyers interested in taking advantage of the foreclosures market, SeizedRealEstate.com stresses the importance of educating oneself about the types of properties and the processes involved. Even seasoned real estate investors have something to learn when it comes to approaching this market. It's important to go in with the appropriate knowledge.

Types of Properties Available at Various Stages of the Foreclosure Process.

Serious buyers must first understand the difference between the varying types of foreclosure properties. It's important to review the basic types of properties, each representing a different stage in the foreclosure process.

Real Estate Pre-Foreclosure Properties

A property enters pre-foreclosure after a default notice is filed by the foreclosing lender against the borrower who owns the property. The different notices that are filed during pre-foreclosure include Notice of Default (NOD), Lis Pendens (LIS), Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS) and Notice of Foreclosure Sale (NFS). For most consumers, buying a pre-foreclosure property from a private homeowner is the most favorable of options. This is a best-case scenario because the seller is able to get out from under a mortgage without destroying his or her credit rating, the lender is saved the time and expense of foreclosing on the property, and the buyer gets a below-market price on a home. In addition, buying at this stage of the process allows you, the buyer, a chance to fully evaluate the property before making an offer.

The disadvantages associated with purchasing a property during the pre-foreclosure stage are few, but worth mentioning. As with any major purchase, negotiations between the buyer and seller can be difficult, especially since the seller would typically prefer not to have to sell the property in the first place. Secondly, transactions are time-sensitive, since there is pressure to complete a sale before the property goes to auction.

Real Estate Auction Sales

Foreclosure auction sales are typically the domain of the professional investor. These properties are formally in default, and sold to the highest bidder at an auction. Buyers are required to be physically present at the auction and must be prepared to pay 100 percent of the sale price in cash on the spot.

Though foreclosure auctions can offer significant savings as well as immediate property ownership, they are not for the faint of heart or the uninformed! Unless the buyer is already familiar with a particular property, there is usually little time to examine it. And, the buyer will be competing against professional investors—and sometimes even the lender—at the auction.

Real-Estate-Owned Properties

Once the lender officially reclaims a home, it is classified as Real Estate Owned by the Lender (REO). While REO properties typically offer more time for evaluation and a more standard bank-managed transaction, their prices are usually very close to full retail market value. Therefore, they offer buyers the lowest potential savings.

It's definitely possible to find great deals in the foreclosures market. You just need to know where to look and be able to differentiate exactly what you're looking at. With an understanding of the pros and cons of buying at each stage of the process, you'll be well on your way to a successful purchase you can be proud of.

Real Estate Foreclosures

Wall Street's Top Option Traders

What if you could be a fly on the wall, listening to and watching today's biggest traders as they execute mind boggling trades, yielding them massive fortunes?

Even better, what if you could ask them questions about what they're doing. And have them create you a personal blueprint so you could reproduce their successes?

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Listen, most option traders are really quite clueless when it comes to the kinds of strategies I'm talking about...

After all, since option trading is a zero-sum game, you only need to know more than 50% of all active traders to come out ahead in the long run.

That's because for every investor holding a profitable contract, there's another person on the other side of the trade who is losing money. The total amount of wealth
held by all traders remains the same, but the wealth is shifted from some traders to others.

It's not hard for YOU to be the one who gets the lion's share of that wealth. You just need to have the right information.

Well, my colleagues Brett Fogle and Ron Ianieri at Options University have put together just such an event. In fact, it's a complete workshop that's never been done before in the history of trading!

And some of the speakers they have lined up REALLY ARE the world's top traders.

For example...

Larry McMillan, the 'Experts' Expert on options

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Price Headley, "Top 10" Stock Market Timer and Options Trader, and founder of BigTrends.com

David "FirstWave" Elliott, Technical Analysis Wizard, and Twice Voted World's #1 Market Timer

Ron Ianieri, Chief Options Strategist at The Options University, and former 'Specalist' in DELL options.

Bill Johnson, Charles Schwab's "Expert For The Experts"

And a few others...

But as I understand it, it's going to be a very small event, just over 100 seats. And they're definitely going to fill up quick. That's why I don't know how long his site is going to be up. I recommend you check it out now before it's too late.

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With the right roadmap there's no reason why you can't pick the winners from the losers. To take up positions that match perfectly with your long and short-term goals. But if you wait too long, the few seats left may be gone.

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