Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Prosperous New Year!

First we want to wish you a very happy prosperous new year in 2008! This will be our last post for 2007. Share the attitude of gratitude always!

The durable orders and initial jobless claims reports just came out giving weakness to the US Dollar. Consumer confidence is coming out shortly so stay tuned for that.

The Department of Commerce released its advance report on new orders for durable goods in the month of November on Thursday, showing that orders for goods meant to last for at least 3 years increased by much less than economists had been expecting. The report showed that durable goods orders edged up 0.1 percent in November following a 0.4 percent decrease in October. Economists had been expecting a much more substantial increase of about 2.2 percent.The smaller than expected increase in durable goods orders came as a 1.9 percent increase in orders for transportation equipment was partly offset by notable decreases in orders for machinery and communications equipment. Excluding the increase in orders for transportation equipment, durable goods orders fell 0.7 percent in November compared to a 0.9 percent decrease in October. The Commerce Department also said orders for non- defense capital goods excluding aircraft, an indicator of business spending, fell 0.4 percent in November after falling 2.9 percent in the previous month. The report also showed that shipments of durable goods were unchanged in November following a 0.5 percent increase in the previous month, while inventories of durable goods jumped 0.8 percent after a 0.4 percent increase in October.

The Department of Labor released its report on initial jobless claims in the week ended December 22, showing that jobless claims unexpectedly increased compared to the previous week. The report showed that jobless claims rose to 349,000 from the previous week''s revised figure of 348,000. Economists had expected jobless claims to fall to 340,000 from the 346,000 originally reported for the previous week. At the same time, the Labor Department also said that the less volatile four-week moving average edged down to 342,500 from the previous week''s revised average of 343,500.The report also showed that continuing claims in the week ended December 15 rose to 2.713 million from the preceding week''s revised level of 2.638 million.The unexpected increase in weekly jobless claims may raise some concerns about the strength of the December employment report due to be released next Friday. Economists currently expect the report to show an increase of about 70,000 jobs.

With currencies moving on the above news, I want to mention that due to 'holiday madness', you may have a chance to get in on this sold out Forex solution.

Last week, 30+ year trader Bill Poulos filled up his next group of 500 students who jumped at the chance to grab his sold out Forex Profit Accelerator home study course.

This course was then pulled off the market last Wednesday (the countdown timer lashed "Sorry, Expired" at midnight that day).

But because of last-minute, hectic holiday schedules, Bill received more than a few pleas from hopeful traders who missed the deadline... they begged him to open up a few more spots . . . as it turns out, a lot of folks got to their emails later than usual because they got slammed with their 'holiday duties' and flat out missed their chance at getting a copy of the course.

So considering it IS the holidays, Bill made a decision . . .


He decided to open up his enrollment page again, but only for 33 more traders.

Why 33?

Well, this year marks the 33rd year he's been trading the markets . . . but the page is only open through the end of the year because he doesn't want the final 33 traders to fall behind his 500 other students who got on board in time.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays 2007!

This will be our last post before Christmas. Merry Christmas & Happy Prosperous New Year to You! Share the Attitude of Gratitude! Thank you for visiting us!

What do you want for Christmas? You can have whatever you want when you know what you want. Dream and think big and have the lifestyle you really want. Best wishes!

Getting What You Really Want by Dr. Van K. Tharp - International Institute of Trading Mastery.

The "Traders Coach" Dr. Van Tharp's 2008 Trading Workshop Schedule

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I used to do an exercise in the Peak Performance 101 workshop entitled “Getting What You Want”. The exercise starts out with a question: If you could have anything in the universe, what would it be? Perhaps your answer might be $10 million dollars. However, the exercise doesn’t end there. It just triggers another question: What would that get you? So to carry our example forward, you’d now ask, “What would the $10 million dollars get you?” Perhaps you might answer, “Security… I’d feel secure in my retirement.”

It doesn’t end with that answer. The second answer merely triggers another question: What would that get you? And to continue the example, you now ask, “What would security get you?”

This process continues at least five times. Each time you get an answer, the new question becomes, “What would that (i.e., the answer to the last question) get you? At the end of five iterations, I then survey the class for what they have come up with at the end of their questions What do you think everyone comes up with? The answer is important because it really says a lot about you. But before I give you the results, do the exercise for yourself. Answer each of the following questions.

1) If you could have anything in the universe, what would it be?

2) What would that (answer 1) get you?

3) What would that (answer 2) get you?

4) What would that (answer 3) get you?

5) What would that (answer 4) get you?

6) What would that (answer 5) get you?

I’m actually curious to know what percentage of you started out with "trading success." Perhaps a lot of you, but I doubt if anyone ended up there.

There are some universals about this exercise. With five repetitions of the question about 90% of all people end up with a mental state. Examples of mental states include security, freedom, confidence, happiness, etc. But we can take it further. If you do enough repetitions of the question, everyone ends up with a universal mental state such as Oneness, Love, Ultimate Happiness, etc. What’s interesting about the exercise is that it flat out tells you what you really want! The final answer is always one of those universal mental states (and I’m not sure that they really are not all the same).

Yet what do we do with our lives? We spend it pursuing things such as money, power, career or perhaps trading success. But that’s not what we really want. And that’s true for everyone.

Now, what if there was a course that you could take that would give you as a result of doing the course, one of those ultimate states. Would you want to take that course?

Well, let me tell you a true story about a man named Lester Levinson. Lester had advanced degrees and was a very successful entrepreneur. In that sense, he was probably a lot like most of you. However, he was very unhealthy. One day his doctors basically said, “Lester, there is really nothing we can do for you. You are going to die in a few months.” So Lester retreated to his Manhattan apartment to die. But before he did so, he did an exercise similar to the one I just took you through and concluded that what he really wanted out of life was LOVE. He looked at his life and concluded that he was the happiest when he was LOVING, rather than when he felt people loved him.

As a result, Lester started a series of mental exercises designed to help him be more loving. And as he continued to do those exercises over the next few months, he didn’t die. Instead, some remarkable things happened:

* First, all of the symptoms of his illness just disappeared. And whenever something happened to his body he could heal it instantly.
* Second, he found that he could materialize whatever he wanted just by thinking about it. He played with this for a while, soon materializing millions of dollars worth of real estate. But knowing that he could get those material things any time he wanted them just by thinking about them, he soon lost interest in them and just gave them away. Besides, what he really wanted was LOVE and he was getting that by being LOVING.
* Third, he basically started operating in the world at the level of a very advanced spiritual being.

In the spirit of being loving, Lester started to teach what he had learned. As a result we all have that core process that Lester went through to heal himself and become happy and loving available to us through a series of five books entitled “Happiness is Free.” Each book is a seven week course, so the series is basically a 35 week course on attaining happiness. And if you do the course, I believe that you can attain a level of happiness that is way beyond what you experience today or probably what you’ve ever experienced. (We have a few of these courses available for sale, click here for more.)

However, I didn’t write this article to sell these courses, but more to convey some very important points. Logically, if you decided, after doing the exercise, that what you ultimately wanted was love or happiness, then I would expect that we’d get at least 1,000 orders for the course. Of course, you’d have to believe that you’d actually get “ultimate happiness” out of doing the course to order it. And perhaps you don’t think you really want happiness or perhaps you don’t think the course will help you attain it. That’s a personal choice.

Anyway, I was so impressed with this course initially, that I ordered a few sets and gave them to some very special people associated with my company. Later on, I then ordered ten more copies of the course to sell. And interestingly enough, we still have most (if not all) of them in stock. Most people either don’t think that they want happiness or they don’t believe that they can get it simply by completing a course (i.e., doing all the exercises). It’s rather amazing. This is what people want but they are not likely to do anything about it.

I’m so fascinated by this process that I plan to interview each of the people I gave the course to just to see what they’ve done with it. I haven’t done the interviews yet, but I think I know the results. I’ll report the actual results to you later in another article for Tharp's Thought's. And I’ll also tell you about the exercise that I just completed that motivated me to write this series of articles.

About Van Tharp: Trading coach, and author, Dr. Van K. Tharp is widely recognized for his best-selling book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom and his outstanding Peak Performance Home Study program - a highly regarded classic that is suitable for all levels of traders and investors. Click here to learn more about Dr. Van Tharp.

Good day, good trading, and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Ugliest Word in Trading and Investing

By D.R. Barton, Jr. of International Institute of Trading Mastery and Dr. Van Tharp the Traders Coach.

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“Maturity of mind is the capacity to endure uncertainty.” John Finley

There is one concept that is so powerful that it makes every trader and investor, from the haggard professional, right down to the wet-behind-the-ears newbie tremble in their Crocs.

The same word strikes fear in the hearts of engineers, doctors, soldiers, scientists, ball players, weather forecasters and even lawyers.

It is at the heart of every discomfort you’ve ever felt when trading.


Uncertainty is the thing that we, as humans, are least equipped to deal with. And without a doubt, the one constant in every good or great trader that I’ve worked with is their ability to deal with uncertainty. The good news for all of us is this: there are many useful (i.e., successful) ways to deal with uncertainty and the havoc that it brings into the world of trading.

Why Uncertainty Is So Central

The markets can be characterized in many different ways. One of the most useful ways that I’ve found is to understand the markets as the reflection of mass psychology. A concept that I’ve coined is this:

“The market is not a problem to be solved; it is psychology to be understood.”

If I approach the markets in an effort to evoke “scientific certainty,” as one e-mailer put it, or to solve a mathematical equation, I’m setting myself up for disappointment. The nature of the market continues to change, and it defies any effort to put it in a box.

It’s much like understanding the actions of another person. Even with my closest friends, the best I can do is to understand their tendencies, what they are likely to do in any given circumstance. And how they react to the exact same stimulus may vary from time to time based on their current emotional state or other input that I can’t discern at the time.

Uncertainty is so important because it is perhaps the central controlling concept in our decision making process. The greater the uncertainty, the tougher the decision; as uncertainty is removed, decisions become much simpler.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to look at how traders deal with uncertainty and some useful tools that you can use to improve your trading.

We will look at quantifying uncertainty, ignoring it, transferring it and living with it. And I would love to hear your stories on dealing with uncertainty. If you’ve had an experience dealing with uncertainty that provided a great learning experience, a vexing question, or just a good belly laugh, please forward it to me at . Let me know if I may use the story (either anonymously or credited) in a future article.

Good and good trading mentoring with the traders coach, Dr. Van Tharp!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2008 New IT Tech Trends

As we move into the holidays and the end of the year, we are already looking at where we want to place investment money for next years up and coming new growth trends. I've got 10 information technology sector trends that could see big growth in 2008. Investigate these trends, and the companies involved in these trends. It could result in exponential gains for you next year.

Before I forget, here's a Free Christmas Gift for you, Power Forex Profit Principles . . . Merry Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year!

What are the experts predicting for tech trends in 2008? At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo held last October in Orlando, more than 6000 senior business and IT strategists from virtually all major industries gathered for the industry's largest conference to gain the latest advice on driving profíts and performance with IT. Attendees rely on the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo for their annual planning and to gain insight into how their organizations can best use IT to address business challenges and improve operational efficiency.

Reflecting Gartner's very latest research findings, the analysts projected the 10 technologies likely to play a 'strategic' role in 2008. Gartner defines a strategic technology as one "with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years." In addition Gartner also looks at "high potential for disruption to IT or the business, the need for a major dollar ínvestment, or the risk of being late to adopt."

"Companies should factor these technologies into their strategic planning process by asking key questíons and making deliberate decisions about them during the next two years," said David Cearley, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "Sometimes the decision will be to do nothing with a particular technology. In other cases it will be to continue investing in the technology at the current rate. In still other cases, the decision may be to test/pilot or more aggressively adopt/deploy the technology. The important thing is to ask the question and proactively plan."

Here's a look at the top 10 tech trends, and what Gartner had to say about them:

Green IT: The focus of Green IT that came to the forefront in 2007 will íncrease in 2008. As the impact on power grids, carbon emissions from increased use and other environmental impacts are under investigation, companies should be mindful of potential regulations that could limit the building of data centers, and should be prepared with backup plans for handling growing data demands.

Unified Communications: At present only 20 percent of the installed base with PBX has migrated to IP telephony, with more doing some sort of tríal testing. Gartner says that over the next three years the majority of corporations will migrate to Internet Protocol telephony, resulting in a major change in voice communications.

Business Process Modeling: Top-level process services must be defined jointly by a set of roles (which include enterprise architects, senior developers, process architects and/or process analysts). A key to success will be an organization's ability to bring these roles together, whether they be process or service designated. Gartner also expects business process management software suites to better complement SOA applications development.

Metadata Management: Over the next three years, companies working to integrate both customer data and product data will link these master data management efforts together in an overall enterprise information management (EIM) strategy. According to Gartner "This critical part of a company's information infrastructure will enable optimization, abstraction, and semantic reconciliation of metadata to support reuse, consistency, integrity and shareability." Metadata management, Gartner notes, also extends into SOA software development projects with service registries and application development repositories.

Virtualization 2.0: Virtualization technologies can improve IT resource utilization, but with the addition of automation technologies - with service-level, policy-based active management - even greater improvements are possible. "Resource efficiency can improve dramatically, flexibility can become automatic based on requirements, and services can be managed holistically, ensuring high levels of resiliency," Gartner says.

Mashup and Composite Apps: Over the next 3 years, Web mashups will be the way companies create composite enterprise applications, Gartner predicts. Mashup technologies will evolve significantly over the next five years, and application leaders must take this evolution into account when evaluating the impact of mashups and in formulating an enterprise mashup strategy.

Web Platform and Web-Oriented Architecture: Software-as-a-Service, in which applications are available on-demand over the Web, is becoming a sensible option for many companies. Emerging Web platforms, Gartner says, will provide service-based access to information, applications, and business processes through Web-based "cloud computing" environments. Companies must also look beyond SaaS to examine how Web platforms will impact their business in 3-5 years.

Computing Fabric: According to Gartner researchers, "A computing fabric is the evolution of server design beyond the interim stage, blade servers, that exists today. The next step in this progression is the introduction of technology to allow several blades to be merged operationally over the fabric, operating as a larger single system image that is the sum of the components from those blades. The fabric-based server of the future will treat memory, processors, and I/O cards as components in a pool, combining and recombining them into particular arrangements to suit the owner's needs." The researcher added, "For example a large server can be created by combining 32 processors and a number of memory modules from the pool, operating together over the fabric to appear to an operating system as a single fixed server."

Real World Web: The term "real world Web" is informal, referring to places where information from the Web is applied to the particular location, activity or context in the real world. Gartner states, "It is intended to augment the reality that a user faces, not to replace it as in virtual worlds. It is used in real-time based on the real world situation, not prepared in advance for consumption at specific times or researched after the events have occurred." It gives the example of a navigation unit that adjusts the information it delivers as a car or boat moves around. Gartner sees real world Web application improving many business processes and creating new revenue streams.

Social Software: The Web 2.0 market will go through a lot of changes between now and 2010, Gartner says, and will experience considerable flux with continued product innovation and new entrants, resulting in considerable vendor consolidation. However, the research firm does see social networking being adopted by many enterprises to augment traditional collaboration.

According to Gartner, "These 10 opportunities should be considered in conjunction with many proven, fully-matured technologies, as well as others that did not make this líst, but can provide value for many companies," said Carl Claunch, vice president at Gartner. "For example, real-time enterprises providing advanced devices for a mobile workforce will consider next-generation smartphones to be a key technology, in addition to the value that this líst might offer."

Good day, and good new investing trends to you!

Share the Attitude of Gratitude this Holiday Season!

Monday, December 17, 2007

24 Hour Forex Notice

Last week, I alerted you to the re-release of the step-by-step Forex Profit Accelerator course that's totally taken the Forex trading community by storm.

Well, if you've checked the website lately, then you know that only 67 copies of the course remain and the offer will be closed for good on Tuesday, December 18th, at 11:59pm eastern time.

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If you're still struggling with the Forex markets, or are just sick and tired of staring at your computer like a zombie for 2, 3, 4 hours a day or more . . . then I really encourage you to take 30+ year market veteran Bill Poulos's Forex Profit Accelerator for a test drive.

Why? Well, I was thinking about what specifically it is that I like the best about this course and what sets it above most of the other methods and courses I've seen. Here's what I came up with.

COMPLETE -- This is one of the most complete Forex trading courses I've ever seen. Period. There's material to get beginners going quickly, and it's structured in such a way that more experienced traders can jump right into the "meat" of the methods.

Further, it's a multimedia powerhouse -- from the screen capture CD-ROM videos to the full color reference manual to the detailed "trading blueprints". It's designed to make sure you really understand all the concepts quickly and effectively.

CLEAR -- Bill's teaching style is among the best I've ever seen. He speaks in a clear, nurturing way that steps you through all the material. It's very apparent why so many traders keep coming back to Bill's courses.

CONSTANT -- I think of this as the "surprise" of the course. Bill constantly follows-up with his students after they get his course. He mentions this on his open letter, but I really believe this is the true value of his course. His students
receive regular new bonus video lessons, and Bill is fanatical about offering concise, thoughtful answers to his students' questions.

So that's what stands out for me about the Forex Profit Accelerator. And frankly, I'll even go out on a limb and say that if you can't succeed in the Forex markets with Bill's course, then you probably never will. That's how powerful his methods are.


I cannot promise that copies of the Forex Profit Accelerator will be available when you visit the web page - it may already be completely sold out.

If that's the case, please put your name on the waiting list. Bill has no immediate plans to release any more copies of this course, but after he gets through mentoring his next group of students, he may introduce a few more (but it could be months before that happens - I can't say when).

If any copies are left, you can claim one here.

Good day and good forex trading!

P.S. I just checked Bill's real-time inventory counter before sending this email to you and it now reads 61 copies available. Time is running out. You can check it here.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free Forex Trading Video

One of the most challenging aspects of trading is to get your mind around "the hard right edge" - the unknown future that lies to the right of any chart.

After all, it's one thing to go back and examine a particular chart's history and how how a trading method worked . . . but it's altogether different to examine the current bar", or the current day, make a trading decision and then see what happens the next day.

That's why I was excited to see this brand new "play-by-play" Forex trading video that shows you the decision-making process a premiere Forex mentor goes through each day using a specific trading method that leaves nothing to chance.

Here's what's unique: He recorded daily segments as the trade was playing out so you can get a real feel for the on-the-spot observations and decisions he makes each day, and it's all done without knowing what's beyond 'the hard right edge'.

This is a recent trade for the USD/CAD Forex pair... and it's still an OPEN TRADE, so watch it carefully and see what happens by clicking here.

When you're watching the video, notice how 'the hard right edge' doesn't bother this trader at all, and then imagine what it would feel like to trade with 100 percent confidence every time.

It's pretty awesome. ;-) I hope you enjoy this play-by-play Forex video.

Good day and good forex trading!

P.S. This day-by-day Forex video will likely only be online this week, so be sure to watch it now by clicking here.

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Free Interactive Brokers MTPredictor Software Trading Webinar Dec 14

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Invest2Success users enjoy a 10% discount on the MTPredictor Trading Software.

This Free Webinar is Friday December 14th. It’s a special webinar introduction to Interactive Brokers, their global brokerage, and access to the diversified international financial markets.

Free Webinar

This free webinar is for customers and friends of Invest2Success, MTPredictor, you are warmly invited to a FREE online webinar - hosted by Gerald Perez, Managing Director of Interactive Brokers UK Limited. Gerald will outline the benefits of dealing through IB, which was recently listed on the U.S. NASDAQ exchange (IBKR).

Advantages Features Benefits

Distinct advantages include direct market access to futures, equities, bonds, forex and options on markets in over 70 countries worldwide, best price execution, low commissions, high interest earned and low financing costs.

Compatibility and Free Trial

Remember - MTPredictor users can trade directly from their charts through Interactive Brokers, using its connection to the NinjaTrader Platform, and enjoy a 10% discount off the regular price.

Free Webinar Date Time

Date: Friday 14 December 2007
Time: 16:30-17:30 London time

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Forex Acceleration In 20 Minutes a Day

The tide just turned again in the Forex community. Here's what's up.

First, it started with the giveaway of the Free Power Forex Profit Principles, which is still available by clicking the link.

Then in the past 7 days, over 40,000 traders have bombarded a special, "insiders" Forex trading website.

You might even call it an "underground" website because everything it exposes challenges what 95% of all Forex traders have held to be true for years.

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Good day, and good forex trading!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekly Stock Pick BUCY

With the global commodities boom still intact, worldwide demand for coal, copper, iron ore, coal, copper and other basic materials looking like its not letting up anytime soon, and with the tremendous growth internationally, especially in China and India we have a buy on Bucyrus, ticker BUCY.

Remember who got rich from the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s? Was it the gold miners or those who provided the picks and shovels? It was the pick and shovel suppliers. What we consider to be a global commodities super-cycle we are in currently, we think Bucyrus has continued growth with its play in the commodities sectors.

Required resources behind the strong and fast rise of emerging industrial global economies are basic materials. Mining companies have increased production to meet growing demand. More equipment from suppliers is required such as drills, mega shovels and other major excavation equipment and tools. A company that supplies mining companies is Bucyrus International, Nasdaq BUCY. The company specializes in large scale excavation equipment used in surface mining and more recently high-tech systems for underground coal mining.

Bucyrus is one of the top two mining suppliers in the world, and based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Bucyrus has operations that cover the globe. About 60% of its revenue comes from outside the U.S and the international growth that's happening now. Commodity businesses are cyclical and we see the current up cycle -- now in its fourth year -- extending at least another few years, if not for another decade or two possibly.

High commodity prices and capital expansion projects from the mining firms are among the main ingredients behind what will be an extended commodities cycle we believe. After years of losses, income at Bucyrus picked with earnings rising from 48 cents a share that year to $2.25 in 2006. This year we're expecting earnings to rise 31% vs. 2006, to $2.95, and we expect profit to climb 55% in 2008 and 31% in 2009.

Earnings could peak in 2010. Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan in a November conference call said that the Bucyrus surface mining shovel business is two-thirds sold out for 2008 and will probably be fully sold out by January at the latest. Bucyrus went into the underground coal mining business when it purchased German mining supplier DBT in May. The underground coal component was more than half of third-quarter revenue. Underground total sales were $263 million vs. $237 million in surface mining. Surface mining was second in sales, but with higher margins which is very nice.

Bucyrus third-quarter results were from surface mining margins which reached 19.7%. Also underground margins were about 14%, well ahead of the forecasted 10%. With the increased revenue from the DBT purchase, total third quarter revenue was 170% higher than last year's figure at $500.3 million. Surface mining sales rose 28% from last year's third quarter also.

Earnings in the quarter were up 43% from last year, to 76 cents a share. The market for underground equipment is not growing as fast as surface mining currently. It's taking a break after a big run, we are expecting a rebound for the next foreseeable quarters. Bucyrus back-log Sept. 30 stands at $1.3 billion, which is down from the second-quarter backlog in both sectors.

Orders for large draglines, multi-million dollar machines dig up rock and dirt should increase into the middle of 2008. Shipping congestion in Australia has been problem for on-time delivery of new orders from major mining customers. Bucyrus has been a leader in powerful dragline drive systems for nearly 30 years. It has almost 400 drag-lines in operation, with income being generated from on parts and services. BHP Billiton is one of the firm's largest customers. With the recent on and off again merger buyout wars of mining rival giants BHP and Rio Tinto, we feel Bucyrus will continue to be profitable supplying their growth and the rest of industries growth.

"Bucyrus is building a new dragline for a major Canadian coal mining company, with a contract value of more than $100 million. The sale of this dragline highlights the ongoing demand for our products and services," CEO Sullivan said in a statement. He told analysts his company is talking with producers in Canada's active oil sands "to get a bigger piece of the pie." With high prices, and if they go higher, will make the oil sands a place to be invested in on way or the other.

CFO Craig Mackus said in the conference call that capacity constraints are affecting the surface mining sales. The expansion of the company’s headquarters plant should be finished by the first quarter of 2008, he said. "The big issue out in the marketplace right now is not, gee, is there going to be machinery bought," Sullivan said during the conference call.

Based on announced capital expansion plans by major producers of iron ore, copper and gold, "that's a given," he said. "The concern by the producers right now is if they're going to get their equipment when they need it and when they want it." Those words are music to our ears fundamentally as demand is not stopping yet. Technically, and at current new high prices, we think Bucyrus is a great growth story buy with its current price to earning ratio at 34.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Option Ratio Backspreads

Its non-farm payroll Friday everyone! The most significant data report in the financial universe! Stay tuned, and heads up when the report hits!

Today, I'm sharing a little on market neutral options trading, and ratio backspreads.

Ratio Backspreads are used by traders when they think a big move will occur. Usually buying a further month ratio backspread is mentioned. While this gives you more time it also makes you widen the strikes between the options you buy and the options you sell. Or, you have to pay more of course.

If you wanted to put on a ratio backspread, you might want to have more time to be correct but you also want to have the purchased options strike price to be as close to the sold options strike as possible.

This is so the purchased options will get in the money quicker. If you feel the market will move a lot higher or lower in a short amount of time, start thinking of buying a close month ratio backspread. Yes, you have less time, but the strike prices of the options will be closer and you will need less of a move.

Please use this for educational purposes only.

February Gold closed at 807.1. January options follow the Feb. futures contract. Jan. Gold 810.0 Call options closed at 14.60. Jan. Gold 830.0 Call options closed at 7.70.

If you felt that this market was going higher fast, you can try and sell 1 Jan. 810 Call and buy 2 Jan. 830 call options for even money. There is limited risk but unlimited profit potential.

I am not giving advice on what to do in this market right now. I am just trying to show you a reason why you should start looking at the closer months when choosing to put on a ratio backspread.

To recap, the further months will give you more time to be correct but you will have to pay more to put on a ratio backspread. Or, you will have to buy the options that are further away from the money. In that case, you would need a bigger move to be profitable.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Free Power Forex Profit Principles

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Subprime Delivers One-Two Punch

Subprime Delivers One-Two Punch Just Like Hurricane Katrina Did

By Susan C. Walker, Elliott Wave International

The world is awash in bad news about the subprime mortgage meltdown, just the same way that New Orleans was awash in floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina two summers ago. A few examples:

The median price for new home drops 13% since last year, the most in 37 years, according to a Census Bureau report on November 29. This due in large part to buyers not being able to get financing now that lenders have tightened their lending standards in response to the subprime debacle.

Major Wall Street banks write off billions of dollars in subprime-backed securities.

Dire forecasts estimate that the credit crunch caused by the mortgage problems will cause between $250 billion to $500 billion of losses at banks and brokerages before it's done.

If you want to see how this kind of news looks on a price chart, consider the chart that we published in the latest Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. It shows how confidence in the mortgage market has simply fallen off a cliff. "The ABX Mortgage Indexes are akin to the eerie music that starts to play right before the goriest scenes in a horror movie," write our analysts Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall. Even prime-rated mortgages (the top line on the chart) seem to have been tainted by the cliff-diving exploits of the subprime and Alt-A mortgage indexes.

Mortgage Indexes

Editor's note: Elliott Wave International invites you to read more about this Mortgage Mutiny chart in a special three-page excerpt from the November 2007 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, called "Transition to a Fear of Risk."

The continuing repercussions of the subprime meltdown since two Bear Stearns' hedge funds imploded in August remind me how closely this situation imitates the delayed punch of Hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2005. In fact, I wrote a column for Fox News on that very topic a few months ago, some of which is worth repeating.

The following is excerpted from "Subprime Storm Mimics Katrina," originally published July 30, 2007.

Wall Street may have reason to worry about a financial hurricane poised to do the same kind of damage Hurricane Katrina did — in terms of money and assets lost — in New Orleans in 2005. Given the latest storm warnings about subprime mortgages and the Dow’s dive last week, it looks like "Subprime Katrina" might become the financial storm of the decade.

Wall Street investment bankers who remember the devastation in New Orleans might want to start battening down the hatches. In fact, some of them seem to understand their pending doom as they try to cajole the rest of the world into thinking that the subprime (otherwise known as low-quality) mortgage contagion is contained. 'Sure, sure, Bear Stearns got hit when its subprime hedge funds lost their value, but everyone else is O.K.,' they say. 'Let's all heave one collective sigh of relief that we dodged that bullet.'

Does that attitude sound familiar? It's exactly how the people of New Orleans felt for the 8-10 hours after Hurricane Katrina whipped up the Gulf Coast and dumped its rain. It was over; they had dodged the bullet. Their beautiful city that is built below sea level and surrounded by sea walls and levees was safe. That's where Wall Street is right now – hoping the levees will hold as investment bankers try to sandbag the rest of us with lots of placating talk. Well, it turns out that New Orleans was about as safe as the subprime bonds that are now below their own "C" level.

Although Wall Street bankers have been doing one heckuva job, I think it's too soon to breathe easy, just as it was too soon for those in the Big Easy to breathe easy. Here's why: Wall Street was warned about the coming hurricane-force fall-out from subprime mortgages, and it ignored the warnings, buying up all the securities backed by subprime mortgages that it could. Now, Wall Street is having trouble selling more debt. It sounds like it may be too late for many Wall Street denizens to get out of town – and their positions – before the floodwaters start rising.

Remember, too, the finger-pointing and blaming that started as soon as the rest of the nation realized that the U.S. government was not doing enough to help New Orleans? The editors of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast recognize a similar change in attitudes toward Wall Street:

"The unwinding process will be sped along by a flood of revelations about illicit hedge fund and investment banking activities. Just as Enron, Tyco and a host of other primary beneficiaries of the late 1990s bull market run became the focus of scandals, hedge funds and the banks that enabled them are starting to become a focal point for scrutiny." (The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, July 2007)

Then will come the final installment. Just as the U.S. government was slow to come to grips with the disaster in New Orleans so that people were left to fend for themselves, so too will investment bankers and investors have to fend for themselves. They may find themselves clutching their worthless paper and wishing someone would bail them out from the rooftops of their now-worthless homes.

Now, here we are at the end of November, and the situation for investors and investment banks has played out almost exactly as I outlined. Hardly anyone is coming out smelling like a rose. If anything it's the opposite, as the stench from quarterly financial filings rises as banks reveal how many billions in dollars they must write off for their mortgage investments gone bad. Sadly, the conclusion to my Subprime Katrina column still holds true: "Heckuva Job Brownie – now known as Helicopter Ben Bernanke and his Federal Reserve team – won't have any more luck picking up the pieces on Wall Street than FEMA did in New Orleans."

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

50,000+ Forex Survey Results Just In . . . New Update

One of the top online trading mentors has just released a brand new December, 2007 update to a landmark Forex report that not only ruffled some feathers when the first version was released in September . . . but it challenged everything that 90% of most Forex traders hold to be true.

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The trader who put this 77-page monster together very recently surveyed over 50,000 traders to find out what their biggest concerns, questions, and challenges were around Forex trading.

And then he spilled the beans on the cold, hard reality of the Forex markets - to your benefit.

Here's why . . .

Not only does he reveal his answers to the top 20+ questions his readers asked him, but he completely cracks open and obliterates the unfounded confusion that seems to plague most Forex traders.


Find out how the author spends just 20 minutes a day with TOTAL confidence in the Forex markets, identifying more pip potential in that time than most traders spend hours trying to squeeze out of their favorite Forex pairs.

You'll also learn:

How to "shake out" the good Forex brokers from the unscrupulous ones. Many brokers won't be prepared when you ask them these 5 questions (page 12).

His "insiders formula" on how to determine the best mix of technical indicators to use when trading Forex pairs (page 23).

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How he was able to drastically reduce his "time in the trenches" trading Forex by spending only 20 minutes a day. These 2 discoveries made it all possible (page 54).

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Stock Pick CPHD

Cepheid develops and markets a diagnostic testing system called the GeneXpert that’s a hardware platform for genetic tests of diseases that can be identified by their genetic code. There are several specific tests for this platform including MRSA, the killer staph infection that is typically found in hospitals, but is also spreading to other venues.

After a very good quarterly revenue report and a positive conference call I am putting buy rating on Cepheid CPHD.

In its latest quarter, Cepheid reported that revenues were up 53% to $36.3 million, from the 3rd quarter 2006. Total product sales were up 50% to $34 million, and clinical product sales were up 258% to $20.7 million.

The GeneXpert system sales greatly increased last quarter. At the end of the quarter 1,376 GeneXpert System modules were installed in hospitals in the United States, including 77 in VA hospitals, up by 51 modules in the 3rd quarter and representing a 79% share of the VA market.

Cepheid razor and blades business model is growing also. Sales of the one-time test cartridges were about $18 million with $16 million in hardware sales, increasing gross margins to 43%. Take note that currently large double digit royalties paid on the GeneXpert to a third party will be reduced greatly by 2010, thus increasing Cepheid’s bottom line earnings per share.

In a news announcement November 29, Cepheid and Broadlane Signed a Group Purchasing Contract for GeneXpert(R) Systems and Xpert(TM) Molecular Diagnostic Tests, along with the Xpert MRSA. Broadlane is a leading supply chain services company serving more than 20,000 acute care hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, physicians practices and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. Under the terms of the contract, Broadlane customers can take advantage of Cepheid's molecular diagnostic instruments, reagents and services for its GeneXpert® System and Xpert(TM) line of tests, including Xpert MRSA. Broadlane Members Include Hospital Systems Such as Tenet and Kaiser.

Cepheid has also announced the development of a simpler GeneXpert system called CLIA exempt, which means it can be used in smaller health care facilities such as nursing homes, and managed health care for senior citizens, opening up the potential of a very large new market.

Cepheid did lose money in the last quarter. $4.7 million GAAP, $1.5 million non-GAAP. It stated it would be profitable on a pro forma basis non-GAAP in 2008. Lastly, Cepheid raised revenue guidance for all of 2007 to $124 million-$127 million.

Good day and good investing!