Friday, January 23, 2009

Fantasy Stock Market Contest Win Cash Prizes

Fantasy Stock Market Contest
Wall-Street Survivor

A Fantasy Stock Market Account allows you to get in the driver's seat and manage your own fantasy stock portfolio while competing risk-free against friends, peers, and colleagues for the chance to win lucrative cash prizes.

No Risk - Learn Then Do

You learn to master the market by executing your fantasy stock trades of real companies in real-time. The financial data feed is from Thomson is the same one used by brokers and traders around the world.

Financial Intelligence Empowerment

After the experience and knowledge gained from playing Wall Street Survivor, you will have the skills to take charge of your financial future. You will have earned the training and practice needed to take an active roll in directing your retirement investments, your savings plans, 401(k) company plans, or your mutual fund investments. All the while, you play in highly entertaining contests and participate in a community of like-minded traders.

Benefits Features

Wall Street Survivor offers exclusive features and personalization through a collaborative social network platform, where Survivors exchange valuable strategies and trading ideas with other traders and friends.

Free Membership

As a Free Member, you'll gain access to our Research Center where you can select and review a vast array of personalized market data, charts, a stock screener, earnings calendar, a watch list, as well as news and other research tools that broaden your market knowledge and confidence so you can make informed trading and investment decisions.

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