Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forex Update & Free Live Webinar

Forex Conspiracy
Financial News Today: The US Budget, Healthcare, Jobless Claims, New Home Sales, Gas Inventories, Money Supply

The current market conditions are providing excellent forex trading opportunities. Then again, very bad trading results if you don't have a disciplined trading system to follow. Attend this free live forex trading webinar today at 9PM EST.

The Greenback

The US Dollar is looking to rally and accelerate against all the major currencies right now. The US Dollar looks set to continue is upward move against the major currencies after having spent the last week consolidating before strong resistance at the November 08 swing high. The Japanese Yen is the first to be exposed, with the buck heading higher to position itself as safe currency play amongst the current crisis in the major financial markets.

European Currencies

As Euro economic confidence falls, the Euro should continue to slide. The Bank of England is increasing the money supply giving a boost to the UK banks yesterday. The Euro got some support in overnight trading as the stock markets headed higher on news which UBS AG replaced its CEO and the UK government provided guarantees on UK bank assets. The Euro would reached a high of 1.2790 before finding resistance as weak sentiment indicators stalled gains.

Opportunity Amongst Disaster

There is a unique and intriguing free webinar on forex trading today this Thursday. The turmoil in the financial markets has created volatile and very profitable trading opportunities in the forex markets.

Live Forex Trading Webinar February 26 at 9PM EST

The webinar is focusing on four simple steps to profitability in the current market conditions. It's happening today February 26 at 9PM EST, and its free.

There's a Forex Conspiracy going around right now that is actually not true about trading forex. Actually the forex market currently is an almost perfect recession-proof business right now with unemployment moving to record highs, stocks still in a bear market, and other factors which are adding to increased volatility in the forex markets which equate to more profit opportunities for traders. This webinar will discuss these new opportunities now and what's in store going forward.

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