Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Free Definitive Guide to Position Sizing

Position Sizing
Free Definitive Guide to Position Sizing with purchase of "How to Develop a Winning Trading System that Fits You" Audio Program

Position sizing is the portion of your trading system that tells you “how many” or “how much.” How many units of your investment should you put on at a given time? How much risk should you be willing to take? Aside from your personal psychological issues, this is the most critical concept you need to tackle as a trader or investor.

Most books that discuss position sizing are about diversification or about optimizing the gain from your trading. Books on systems development or technical analysis don’t even begin to discuss position sizing adequately. As a result, most traders and investors have no place to go to learn probably the most important aspect of their craft.

Trading Topics Covered

Ten trading biases to avoid and how to turn those biases into winning ideas.

How to understand low risk-ideas.

Systematic approaches to evaluate your system, plus how to rate your trading system for ultimate effectiveness.

Six kinds of markets and how to determine if your system works in all six.

How to let your winners win big and how to cut your losses short.

A visionary way to use position sizing to meet your objectives.

Six realistic methods that you could use to limit your potential for ruin or to limit large drawdowns in your account.

93 different position sizing models (yes 93 of them!).

Position sizing software reviews.

The answers to typical position sizing questions.

The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing from the Traders Coach Dr Van Tharp is Free with purchase of the Systems Home Study Course

Good day and safe trading with proper position sizing!