Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to Save Your Job and Company in this Economy

Deflation Survival Guide
Complimentary eBook: How to Save Your Job and Company in this Economy

The final installment of Elliott Wave International’s expansive NEW Deflation Survival eBook is online now. The free 60-page eBook is packed with Robert Prechter's most important teachings and warnings about deflation. This is one of the most valuable resources EWI has ever offered at no cost. Learn more below or download it now – for free.

Deflation: Demand Destruction

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been proud to give you financial analyst Robert Prechter’s advice on how you can survive and prosper in the event of deflation. For some of you, the first step might be to learn more about the deflationary scenario Prechter forecasts. Others might be ready to take action.

Don't Wait Too Long

We write you today to tell you that it’s still not too late to safeguard yourself against the perils of our current economy. But, make no mistake, your time is running out.

Save Your Job Investments and Company

As the world’s foremost authority on deflation, Prechter’s advice is amongst the safest and most conservative available anywhere. Even if you don’t follow it, you’d be remiss to ignore his commonsense tips for safeguarding your job, your family and your money in today’s economy.

Recession Financial Intelligence

We’ve just posted a brand-new article by Mr. Prechter on our website. Entitled “A Better Way To Handle a Shrinking Business,” this article shares Prechter’s commonsense, yet unorthodox, advice to employers and employees alike about how to safeguard your job while saving your business money.

Knowledge Goals Plan Action Success

If you’re prepared to take action to safeguard yourself against the deflationary scenario Prechter forecasts, you should look no further than Prechter’s 60-page eBook, The Guide to Understanding Deflation. The new eBook is completely free. Learn more about this unique opportunity by following the link below.

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