Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Free Universal Market Trader Webinars

Universial Market Trader
See the UMT Simple Trading Strategy **Live**

Register for a real-time demonstration of the Universal Market Trader strategy. A trading strategy, training and software for forex, futures, stock and options traders for Day Trading & Swing Trading. Learn the secrets of what makes a successful trader and system and have your questions answered in real-time.

What you can expect from this Live Training Webinar

Discover the seven (7) Trading Commandments that simply EVERY successful trader must follow in order to see that measurable boost in profitabilty and performace. Break these Commandments at your own risk!

And in-depth market analysis of what's going on in today's hottest markets. As traders with over 25+ years experience and as investment educators with over 12 years teaching, we've seen every type of market out there. From bear to bull, we KNOW what to look for and in this webinar, we tell all.

See how the Universal Market Trader holds up to your favorite active markets including forex, futurs, and stock, options, and ETF markets... (the results might surprise you)

Learn about all the unscrupulous SCAMS circulating out there. From over-promising systems to automated trading robots, we'll give you the downlow about which types of systems are worth exploring and which ones will just take your money and blow your trade account.

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