Thursday, May 07, 2009

Free Trading Webinar May 7 12PM EDT

Universial Market Trader
Free Trading Webinar May 7 12PM EDT

By now, you've probably already heard some good things about the Universal Market Trader System. (You know, it's the comprehensive course that allows you to trade across forex, futures, and stocks including day and swing time frames? Yea. That's the one.)

It's a system that provides custom software, video-based and online training, as well as constant support. Everything you need to start trading the markets like a professional.

But did you also know that in addition to online video training and real-time trading rooms we also offer live, IN-PERSON training? If this is news to you, we can see why. Our in-person training events are kept under tight wraps because we only hold them a few times a year with limited (and we mean *limited*) seats available.

(which also means that when we announce the next big training, registration gets a bit... um, shall we say out-of-hand?)

But if you're receiving this email notification, consider yourself one of the privileged few! You're one of the first to hear that we're currently in the midst of planning our next live, in-person training and we're inviting YOU take come on down (before the registration madness)!

We're hosting a private info webinar on our next exciting live, in-person training this coming Monday, May 11th at 12pm EDT/9am PDT/4:00 GMT. Drop by to hear all about the details, including:

- Who's the ideal attendee for an event like this?
- What exactly will be covered during the training?
- Who will teach the class?
- When and Where is it?
- How much is this going to cost?
- And how you can reserve your seat before anyone else!

Register for Monday's webinar right now so you don't forget - once you pop in your name and email, we'll send you login details as well as a couple reminders so all you have to do is check your inbox.