Friday, June 12, 2009

Forex Income Engine Trading Videos

Forex Income Engine
Video 4: Top 2 Questions About the Forex Income Engine

This is just a courtesy notice to remind you to check out Bill Poulos's brand new, complimentary "Flexible Forex" training videos.

They reveal how he and a small group of his students have been enjoying all the recent volatility in the Forex markets caused by otherwise "scary" market conditions elsewhere.

So while other traders are "frozen" waiting for the markets to recover, some traders have been actively trading the Forex markets this way, day after day, completely ignoring the media's "doom and gloom" mantra.

Want to see how? Click here to watch the videos:

These videos will be coming offline soon, so be sure to watch them and take notes before they disappear.

Now, while these videos by themselves have more content than a lot of reports you'd have to PAY for, Bill released them to "whet your appetite" to see if you might be right for his brand new Forex Income Engine 2.0 home study course.

More details on this groundbreaking way to day trade the Forex markets have just been released in this new video where Bill reveals the answers to the top 2 questions he's been receiving since he released his new "Flexible Forex" 2.0 training videos.

See the details here:

I'll let you know if he releases any more training videos or updates. But in the meantime, if any of this piques your curiosity or interest, get ready for the special, limited release of his course next Tuesday, June 16th. It's going to
be exciting.