Friday, June 19, 2009

Forex Income Engine Webinar Reply

Forex Income Engine
If you missed today's "emergency" webinar with Bill Poulos addressing the key mistakes Forex traders make and how Forex Income Engine 2.0 addresses them, then I have GREAT news for you. They recorded it.

Here's the cool part:

Bill explained how his groundbreaking Forex Income Engine 2.0 course takes the key mistakes traders make and turns them into your ADVANTAGE.

He also used a live chart to detail these mistakes, reveal the actual strategies from his course, and then he spent 30+ minutes doing a live Q&A!

I would bet your Forex trading will likely improve JUST by watching this webinar.

You can get access to the replay HERE:

Plus, Bill announced two killer bonuses during the webinar, too, and originally said they would expire at 11:59pm, TONIGHT (Thursday).

However, he decided to extend them another 24 hours to 11:59pm on Friday. But with only 23 copies left, these won't last.

Get to the replay here: