Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Van Tharp's Peak Performance Home Study Course

Peak Performance Home Study Course
It has been nearly fifteen years since I made any significant changes to the Peak Performance Home Study Course.

During that time, I have researched and learned a lot more about important topics for trader peak performance, and I want to share this knowledge. I have spent much of last year working on a new edition of the course. Now, we are introducing the new 2nd Edition of the Peak Performance Course.

First and simply, everything has been modernized and updated. Market examples and real world references are from today rather than the early 1990s.

Second, there are numerous new ideas, theories, and practical exercises to help you become a more successful trader.

Third, I estimate that I revised more than 20% of the existing content of the five volumes.

Of all the additions and revisions, I think these are the most noteworthy improvements:

Four entirely new chapters

Major changes to other chapters amounting to about 16K words of additional, new material. Two new daily tasks of trading.

The Four New Chapters

Personal Responsibility. I am able to explain today what I was unable to articulate fully in the original course. Teaching this topic over and over again for the last 15 years has enabled me to now extensively describe the all-empowering idea of total personal responsibility. You create the results you want in trading. When you hold sources other than yourself responsible for your mistakes, you tend to repeat those mistakes over and over again. This chapter will open your eyes to recognizing and correcting mistakes that you once thought outside of your control and allow you to take charge of your trading.

Trader Preparation Self-Assessment. Are ready to trade now? Find out by answering questions regarding your psychology, your business plan, your systems and other major factors of trading success. If you find that you are not ready to trade, then that just means that you are taking the right action by working on this course rather than trading. People have been asking for a way to assess their preparedness as a trader, and now it is a new chapter in the course.

The Four Models of Self-Sabotage. Sometimes you try to stop a behavior but it continues and just seems impossible to change. Your mental states are so overwhelming that you cannot change them. Or you find a belief that you know is not useful, but you cannot change it. For example, suppose you believe that you are not worthwhile and that you do not deserve profits. When you think about that belief, you know it is not useful, but somehow you just cannot shake it. Those are the examples of self-sabotage that we will be dealing with in this new chapter, as well as a specific instance of a classic case of self-sabotage. I have explored this topic in depth in the last 10 years. This new chapter also includes the oneness model of self-sabotage, my most recent understanding of self-sabotage.

Changing Your Beliefs. This is one of the most important new topics in the course as I believe that beliefs shape your world. When you realize that your beliefs control your reality, you can totally change how you experience the world simply by changing your beliefs. The straightforward step-by-step procedure found in this chapter will take you through how to monitor, look at, and most importantly, change your beliefs. Most beliefs can be changed with these procedures except those that have a very strong emotional charge on them. When you have emotional charge on your beliefs, that charge seems to anchor into your body until you release it, so there is a section in this new chapter dedicated to help you release that charge.

I also revised a number of sections, rewriting about 20% of the existing course.

The Peak Performance course has helped so many traders transform their lives since I first released it 23 years ago. I invite you to click the link below and read more about this course now.


Dr. Van K. Tharp

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