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Dr Van Tharp Germany Trading Workshop

Van Tharp Institute
International Institute of Trading Mastery
Dr Van Tharp
"How To Develop a Winning Trading System That Fits You" Germany Systems Development Workshop

August 21-23, Berlin Germany, The Ellington Hotel

"I’ve proven this formula to help develop top traders and investors. Now, I want to offer you the same incredible opportunity to make big money and I’ll take all the initial risk." — Dr Van Tharp

Do You Want Bigger and More Consistent Profits from the Market?

If you want consistency and you want to make profits from the market — then you'll want to attend this three-day course. We’ll show you little-known, closely guarded secrets that you’re not likely to find unless you accidentally stumble upon them yourself.

Are you a low-risk investor who just wants to make small, consistent profits each month with only an occasional loss? We can show you how to develop a system that will allow you to develop a unique methodology that will give you that kind of consistency!

Are you a gutsy trader who’d like to make yearly profits of 100%, 200% or even 1,000% per year? It’s possible, although risky, and we can show you how to do that! The interesting thing is that you can do it in such a way that the only money you are risking is the money you’ve already made from the market. That’s real leverage!

Why develop my own system? Isn’t it easier to just go buy a system with proven results?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of trading systems that work. But most people, after purchasing a preexisting system, will not follow the system and trade it exactly as it was intended. Why not? Because the system doesn’t fit them or their style of trading.

One of the biggest secrets of successful trading is finding a trading system that fits you. In fact, Jack Schwager, after interviewing enough “market wizards” to write two books, concluded that the most important characteristic of all good traders was that they had found a system of methodology that was right for them.

When someone else develops a system for you, you don't know what biases they might have. Developing your own system allows for compatibility with your own beliefs, objectives, personality and edges.

Furthermore, most of the system development software for sale really encourages some of the trading biases that I see as detrimental to overall trading success.

For example, give a system developer enough leeway and that person will have a system that perfectly predicts the moves in the market and makes thousands of dollars on paper with certain historical markets. Most software allows people to optimize to their heart's content. Eventually, they will end up with a meaningless system that makes a fortune on the data from which it was obtained, but performs miserably in real trading.

Most system development software is designed because people want to know the perfect answer to the markets. They want to be able to predict the markets perfectly. As a result, you can buy software now for a few hundred dollars that will allow you to overlay numerous studies over past market data. Within a few minutes, you can begin to think that the markets are perfectly predictable. And that belief will stay with you until you attempt to trade the real market instead of the historically optimized market. Many trading accounts have plummeted from this very thinking. One “sure-thing” trade placed without proper position sizing can wipe some traders completely out of the game.

Only about 5% of the world’s traders and 20% of the world’s investors, consistently make big money. What these winners do is not complex. In fact, simplicity is one of the keys to making money. And you can do it too! I’ve modeled this process and can teach you how to develop your own trading system that fits your own style of trading.

Our job in this course is to teach you what you need to know to develop your own system. The material you will learn is not market or time-frame specific. So whether you trade stocks, futures, currencies or gold, etc., or whether you place 50 trades per day or 50 trades per year, you will learn all of the components that work in any system.

Three critical secrets you can adopt to develop a superb wealth-building formula.

If you concentrate on these three secrets -- which 95% of all traders and investors totally ignore — then you can vault yourself into a class that only a few have been able to achieve.

1. You must concentrate on the most important task of system development. If you do it properly, it will take at least half of your time during the development process. When you learn what it is, you’ll say, "Of course, it’s important," but you’ll still probably spend very little time on it.

That critical task is developing sound objectives.

Jack Schwager, after writing two Market Wizard books, concluded that the most important characteristic of the top traders and investors he interviewed was that they had adopted a trading system to fit them. But to develop a system that fits you, you need to really think about what you want. There are at least 30 questions you need to address when you develop a trading system. It’s not a trivial task.

What is an objective?

Your objective is your goal, your target. It is the things that you want your system to accomplish.

Objectives set the roadmap for the entire system development process. How would one know how to get someplace if they didn’t know where they were going first? It is easy enough to see that if one trader had an objective such as “I want a system that trades long-term stocks, that requires my attention only once each week and makes 20% per year” compared to a trader’s objectives of “I want to actively trade my mother’s retirement account for four hours each day, without holding overnight positions” – two completely different systems would be required. The objectives or goals are very different. There are endless configurations of objectives. The point is, you need to specifically know what it is that you are trying to attain and only then can you develop a trading system that will help you attain it.

"I have to tell you how thrilled and excited I am about the systems course I was recently certified in. I believe that course was designed especially for me, I got so much out of it. You did a great job presenting the course material. You were fabulous, amazing, energetic and your enthusiasm was contagious! I also appreciate your personal availability between the scheduled meetings. It was an extra bonus to have some one on one conversations specifically about my trading system, testing methodology and personal coaching on how to overcome our problems with actually trading our system.

"Of course, I must give some credit to my fellow attendees. They were great, and played all out, further enhancing the value of the course. But without your expert facilitation to encourage more participation it would not have occurred in the way that it did.

"Since I left North Carolina, I have had an opportunity to spend a week with my client to re-create what I learned in the course. We got down and listed our core beliefs, our objectives, and looked long and hard at our biases. From this information we designed an entry, exit and simple position sizing strategy that fit our objectives. Actually, we have a working system and it turns out that just a little modification to that existing system is what we really want to meet our objectives. Now I'm all excited, I can hardly sleep, because Chuck handed me the tools and methodology I needed to effectively verify and back test this new system. I just need to type faster to keep up with my enthusiasm." — B. Cupps

2. A good trading system has 10 key components. Most people ignore six or seven of them when they do their research. In fact, you’ll rarely see a book on systems development that covers more than six of them. That’s the limitation the average trader has in doing research. You want big profits with as little risk as possible, so you want every advantage possible when you start to develop such a system.

You should be able to take advantage of 8 of these components easily after the course. And, with a little more effort, you’ll be able to use all 10. If you use all 10 with competence, you’ll be among the top 0.1% of all traders and investors in the world.

3. Most people concentrate on the least important element in trading system design — entry. They also ignore the most important element — position sizing. At the "How to Develop A Winning Trading System That Fits You" workshop, you’ll learn at least three types of position sizing systems that will help you lower your overall risk, while at the same time, helping you achieve more consistent performance.

If you’re more adventurous, we’ll show you how to go for really big returns using the market’s money. When you use these super moneymaking techniques, you could make 1,000% on your money each year, risking only the money that the market has given you.

You’ll learn exactly how one trader turned $10,000 into $1.1 million in less than a year. In addition, we’ll also show you how a group of traders have taken over $100 million out of the market over the last 10 years! Learn the advantages and disadvantages of both these styles.

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