Friday, August 14, 2009

FAP Turbo Expert Guide

FAP Turbo Expert Guide

FAP Turbo Forex Robot
There are people out there who have tremendous success trading with Fapturbo and Fapturbo Evolution.

One of these guys is Rob Casey, As a physicist he developed software to analyze massive amounts of data from particle physics experiments conducted at the CERN particle accelerator (this was back in the mid 90's).

See Rob Caseys Fapturbo guide here:

He quickly realized the programming and analysis skills he had developed be applied to the markets. It was then that He realized just how many of his fellow physicists had gone off to wall street to develop trading software for the big trading firms
for some really serious money.

He`s always been one to do things on his own so rather than joining the ranks on wall street He focused on developing his own automated trading systems which he`s now been doing for about 8 years.

He had started developing trading robots in the equities market, but eventually left equities for the forex market because of the frustration of the "up tick rule" when trying to short equities.

Essentially when the retail forex market opened up Rob knew this was were the best trading opportunities could be found and has focused on forex ever since.

A few years ago he spent 18 months on a team developing commercial forex software for a Canadian currency company. They got what they needed from him and he got what he needed from them ... some new trading and programming techniques to add to his toolbox.

We where truly honored when Rob said:

"I've seen a lot of trading robots over the years and have developed many myself, but FAP Turbo was the first one I was willing to fully endorse. I've been mentoring traders and beginning trading system developers for a number of years and have
discovered that 90% of the problems traders face are related to their lack of understanding of money management and a basic understanding of probability and how it applies to trading. As a result most traders become their own worse enemy
but trading without a plan and completely misunderstanding the results they are getting by not knowing how to properly put it into perspective.

I've found that by helping traders understand these very basic concepts and how to use the specific FAP turbo settings to achieve their money and risk management goals they almost always see much better results over the long run. This has been the central goal of my guide ... to help people understand that their results need to be
put into the perspective of the "long run" and that with patience and proper use of the FAP turbo settings they will see much better results"

Rob Casey- Physicist

Rob Casey has developed the Ultimate Fap Turbo Guide that shows:

How to go beyond the lowest common denominator with his FAP Turbo Expert Guide and let him show you how you can tweak the settings in FAP Turbo to apply professional money management techniques and turn your FAP Turbo system into a virtual bank machine!

* Fully Tested with FAP Turbo v47

* Will Also Cover the new FAP Turbo Evolution

* Learn to tweak the FAP Turbo settings CORRECTLY for maximum profit

* Avoid the LotRiskReductor Mistake

* Discover the truth about FAP Turbo brokers and how to get them working for you NOT
against you!

* Know the difference between low risk and high risk scalper strategies

* Apply Professional Risk & Money Management strategies that squeeze most money with the least risk

* Road Map for Success trading plan quickly moves you from beginner to advanced FAP
Turbo trader

* Get the FAP Turbo Help you need to succeed!

* Online guide is always up to date for each new release of FAP Turbo

Grab your copy here:

We from the Forex Guru Club have done an in depth check of the guide and can only recommend it for those who want to put the trading odds in their favor. Its a great written guide with videos and frequently updated. Rob put`s all his programming
and analyzing skills into this guide and shows things that even we have overlooked :)

In robs own words:

"Anyone can do well with FAP Turbo, but if you're serious about breaking the bank then my FAP Turbo guide is exactly what you need!"

Since he is going to increase the pricing on Saturday (48 hours left) we truly recommend to pick this up to customize your robot for maximum performance and minimum risk.

Grab your discounted copy now but be quick about it before the price is raised!

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