Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Swing Trading Webinar 12PM Eastern

Click Here To Register for the Free Swing Trading Webinar Today August 11th, 12PM Eastern Time

A short time ago we released the video you can watch. It really was a wake-up call for many, plus a scenario that most traders (in particular forex) could relate to. There’s simply too much effort being put forth by most people who are trying to trade. We have a question for you. Would you prefer to do it in 10 minutes a night instead? And, not just forex traders, this applies to futures trading and stock/options trading. It simply is not necessary to put hours on end into trading — there’s certainly reasons to daytrade — and a place in many peoples trading plan but most don’t realize you can be an active trader without all the time investment. If you want to learn how you can trade Forex, Futures and Stock/Options in 10 minutes a day – and then have the other 23 hours and 50 minutes to go about your life then you definitely must make time to attend our Free Live Webinar. Tuesday, August 11th @ 12:00pm EST (New York Time)/9:00am PST/4:00pm GMT.

We have never offered the Ultimate Swing Trader “Ultimate Pack” — it’s a first for us, and the “UST” has only been available 3 times since it’s release. It sells out everytime. You have a unique opportunity to learn about this 10 minute a day strategy, get a ton of trading advice and have an opportunity if you find this is right for you that may not be repeated.

Click here to register, and be sure you attend:

There’s a video that many of you will be able to relate to. It discusses forex but futures stock traders this is for you as well, and thankfully you can finally break the cycle of losing trades.