Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Options Trader Chris Rowe's Internal Strength System

Chris Rowe's Internal Strength System
There's a lot of cliches about investing and trading the financial markets. Some are true, some are not depending upon market conditions. One we believe is true is "invest and trade where the strength is". It's not about buying low and selling high, its about being where the strength is. Below is such a system that provides that low-risk high-reward all professional investors and traders seek.

Professional Options Trader Christopher Rowe became famous in trading circles when he went almost a full year with a perfect record on his options trades. Very unheard to say the least.

Chris's success and ambition quickly led him to become Chief Investment Officer of his own options trading service. In just his first few years, he averaged an 80% overall success rate.

Because of his success, Chris has a reputation for being an "options guy."

But that reputation is very misleading: I don't care if you're the world's foremost authority on options trading, if you don't know how to pick the right stocks, and at the right times, trading options around them won't make you a dime.

That's where Chris Rowe's real genius lies. It's the secret to his success as an options trader. Chris has a proven system, one that he's developed over many years of mistakes and triumphs that tells him when the odds are so heavily in his favor that he's got the best chance of earning big profits.

Chris put his entire system for picking stocks down on paper and on video, a project that took him the better part of two years to complete. He designed his system into a course that you can easily complete at home. He called it Chris Rowe's Internal Strength System (CRISS).

He released the course with great success to his own subscribers, it sold out, and it hasn't been on the market since. Rarely has someone outside of his circle of subscribers had the opportunity to get a copy of CRISS until now.

Chris has agreed to allow us to offer a limited number of his courses to our Invest2Success readers. On top of that, he's agreed to cut the price dramatically for this limited release.

So now you know the background. Here are the specifics:

When Chris made his course available to his circle of readers and subscribers, he put a limit of 1,000 copies on the market, and they sold out within days. No matter how much we twisted his arm, he's holding firm, and won't consider allowing more than 500 new students on board.

Having spent a lot of time with the course ourselves, we understand why. Most guys in this business are happy just to sell you their product, and then let you fend for yourself. But that's not Chris Rowe.

Everyone who buys his Internal Strength System, on top of the 500+ page book, and the 10 hours of video, gets constant updates on the member's only website. A series of online presentations to make sure nothing that he teaches goes over anybody's head, and near constant personalized support. And it isn't some marketing flunky doing all this, it's Chris himself.

He's not happy unless everyone who takes his course, from the greenest newbie investor to the professional traders, masters his system and is able to generate profits on their trades.

There's no way he could make good on this commitment if too many new students came on board too quickly. Hence, the 500 person limit for this limited release.

Click here for a chance on getting a copy.

The limited release to Invest2Success readers has not yet begun. It won't be available to you until Thursday, August 20th.

But there is a way to give yourself the best possible chance of being one of the 500 lucky investors who land a copy for themselves.

Chris has created a VIP waiting list that you can join today to make sure you're at the front of the line on the 20th of August. In fact, when the invitation e-mail is sent, only people on this list will receive it.

Important Note: Joining the waiting list will guarantee that you receive the invitation, but it won't guarantee you a copy of the course. Even if 20,000 people join the waiting list, we're still only allowed to sell 500 discounted copies.

An Extra Gift

Without giving away too many details, we asked Chris if he could provide us with an overview of the Internal Strength System that I could share with Invest2Success readers. He actually gave us his personal introduction to the course, straight off the first DVD.

When you sign up for the waiting list, you will get access to that video right away. Not only will you see exactly how robust and in-depth his system is, but you'll also get to "meet" Chris face to face.

So, to ensure you get an invitation on Thursday, August 20th, and for instant access to Chris Rowe's Internal Strength System introduction.

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