Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trading Secrets Evil Genius Cheats

Evil Genius Trading Cheats
I consider myself a law abiding, stand-up citizen. You know, I always try to do what's right. I'm not one that condones cheating or telling secrets.

That's why when I came across this sensational trading package, I was faced with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moment. I knew it really wasn't cheating, but as I plowed through the information, it sure did feel like it.

Even as I compose this email, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Then, I think again and I know down deep that it would be a crime for me to horde these jaw-dropping tricks of the trade.

So I'm passing this along to you. Click at your own risk:

Have I scared you? Ok, let me explain what you'll be exposed to by downloading this evil genius trading package.'

An Interview with the Evil Genius Himself

* It's a 'behind closed doors' interview with an evil genius trader & system developer extraordinaire.

*I've had the pleasure of personally speaking with him before and can honestly say that with over 20 years of trading under his belt, Mark knows. his. stuff.

(In our inner trading guru circle, Mark is known as that quiet guy who has alot going on 'up there.' You know, he's not all about the limelight or craving his 15 minutes of fame. He's much more calculated than that. I've seen people try to crack his shell, only to be met with a smile and a nod (and your butt whipped when it comes to trading!)).

*This interview exposes not only Mark's clear strengths, but his embarrassing flip-ups' when it comes to his trade career. It's *quite* the revealing interview.

Make sure you listen to it now:

The Classified Cheat Sheet

Basically once this is implemented it will become the 'make it or break it' tool in your trader's tool box. (You won't even believe how fast & easy this can be!)

*Find out THE number 1 step-by-step plan to get a beginner trader up and running in no time flat.

*Discover what the heck this 'trailing' business is all about? And most importantly, how can it make money?

*An INTRICATE look at the nasdaq emini 144 tick chart.

*Plus 8 other trade teachings that you can quickly skim and nearly pick-up through osmosis.

I know I've struggled with giving this out, but I must say I'm looking forward to watching you transform into the evil trading genius you were meant to be.

Download it here:

Good day and good trading!