Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Online Options Course

Ron Ianieri Options Trader
Profit With An Insider Without Breaking a Single Law

Ron Ianieri, Former Options Specialist for Dell Computer and Home Depot, Will Reveal His Best Options ‘Insider’ Trading Secrets to You ... Absolutely FREE!!

With This Unprecedented Offer, You’ll Receive Access to an $847 Options Education Course for Free That Will:

* Show you exactly how to capitalize on opportunities in the option market each day with daily answers to your options questions from Chris Rowe and Ron Ianieri

* Deliver daily audio market commentary from Teeka Tiwari, Chris Rowe, and Ron Ianieri, including an in-depth look at the news effecting Wall Street and its impact on individual stocks and options

* Divulge the details behind the October 6th release of Options GPS, the Most Powerful Options System Ever Created

* Deliver immediate access to The 7 Advantages of Options video series

Immediate Cash

Feeling squeezed? You can use low-risk options strategies to build cash - FAST.

Consistent Cash Flow

Turn trading into a new career and earn the freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

Long-Term Growth

Build a better life for your kids and create the retirement you deserve.

Retire Early

Use these trading tricks to retire early and make more of your dreams come true.

In Ron's free 16 minute eye-opening options video presentation, you will learn.

* Get your money back! Remove your fear of loss and fix a portfolio chopped in half by harnessing the cost efficiency of options.

* Don't buy stocks for dividends! Create 'synthetic dividends' using options that are higher than the same stock's dividend.

* Look like the smartest person in the world during a falling market. Make money when the underlying investment goes up, down, or sideways.

* Harness the power of the VIX to hedge your portfolio. Use protective puts to protect your downside exposure.

* Why your broker is wrong. When used properly options are LESS risky than stocks. Learn how to control this risk to the penny!

* Use options for any type of trade (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, indexes).

* Never leave a winning position too early again. Use this too-good-to-be-true technique to lock in profits and maintain your position.

* Generate monthly income using premium collection strategies.

In Chris Rowe 65 page Options Made Simple report you will learn the nuts and bolts of options including.

* Learn to trade options with less stress than trading stocks

* Simple metaphors you can use to understand the different types of options

* The number one mistake options beginners make

* Specific examples of real-world trades for each type of option trade

* The correct way to read an options chain

* How to choose the RIGHT options to buy every time

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