Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tactical Pro Swing Trading Workshop Sept 19

Van Tharp Institute
Swing Trading: A Great Style of Trading to Make Big Profits in Today’s Volatile Markets. Learn profitable trading methods that fit your schedule.

Van Tharp Institute Three-Day Trading Workshop September 19-21, 2009 Click Here

Swing trading is the intermediate time frame trading style (trades generally lasting 2-14 days) that combines the big upside of active trading but that doesn’t require you to watch the markets minute by minute.

If you want big returns for the least time spent trading, come and learn this material, being presented for the first time.

* Learn the Pro Traders’ Secrets for Capturing Huge Profits in Bear AND Bull Markets

* Become Skilled at Swing Trading—the Trading Style That Fits Into YOUR Schedule

* Forget about Losing a Bundle by Holding Stocks Like Everyone Did During the Last Market Decline! Find Out the Master Trader’s Alternative to “Buy & Hold”

* Discover the Detailed Trading Strategies that Win in Today’s Markets

If you want to make bigger trading profits on your own time, you’ll definitely want to attend the next Tactical Pro Swing Trading three-day workshop.

We’ve put together swing trading tools and strategies learned from the traders that we work with around the globe.

Have you ever wanted to discover how the informed money crowd consistently wins on Wall Street?

Are you tired of being a spectator on the outside of the winners’ circle?

At last, we’re teaching the secrets used by professional traders to cash in on market movements in ways undreamed of by most investors. Now you have a chance to master the most coveted trading tricks used by the money mavens.

Make big profits by harnessing volatility, saving money on your trading costs and protecting (and even increasing) your net worth when the market falls out of bed.

You’ll make more money in less time than you ever thought possible.

This workshop is your chance to learn all the proven “insider” trading secrets that work in any market conditions directly from a Wall Street insider’s insider, Christopher Castroviejo.

Christopher is a true market maven. He has had stints with huge names on Wall Street, including Smith Barney, J.P. Morgan, a partnership at Bear Stearns and financial consultant for the Vatican Bank.

In between all of that, Christopher also ran the trading desk at a top Wall Street hedge fund that was responsible for 34% compounded gains over seven years.

The fact is simply this: Christopher knows what it takes to be successful in any kind of market. Not only is Christopher the most knowledgeable trader I’ve ever met, he’s also an excellent teacher. He loves to share his trading knowledge with traders of any level, whether you’re an experienced trader, or you’re just getting started.

My name is D. R. Barton, Jr., and together with Christopher, we have created this workshop to show traders the secrets of swing trading.

I’ll show you the best ways to create a technically sound trading system to maximize your profits…. how to use the most important secret of swing trading… and key psychological factors that affect traders (just one of these secrets alone could be the “missing link” in your own trading).

What Christopher and I will show you at this seminar could well be the most valuable Swing Trading secrets and strategies you will ever learn.

Whether you’re an experienced trader who wants to fine-tune your system, or you’ve wanted to try Swing Trading but haven’t yet, Christopher and I teach these courses with one goal in mind:

To show you how you can make your Swing Trading much more successful… and far more profitable.

You’ll come away from this fun and enjoyable workshop with detailed trading strategies from both Christopher and me—strategies we use that can help make you bigger gains… no matter what the market is doing.

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