Thursday, October 22, 2009

Option Trading Home Study Course

Option Profits Success System
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This course is the culmination of Professional Option Trader A.J. Brown's more than 5 years of options trading experience teachings, all boiled down into a simple step-by-step system.

Doesn't matter if you're still wet behind the ears, or you've got a few years of trading behind you -- this course will give you a complete understanding of option trading.

Most important, it will give you a concrete trading plan you can start using immediately to make money trading options.

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More on that in just a minute. First, here's what you'll learn when you crack open this option trading home study course.

* 8 Modules on DVD (17+ hours of training!)

* 1 Bonus Module on DVD (an extra 90+ minutes of advanced strategies)

* 8 Transcripts (for easy review)

* 1 Bonus Transcript (for easy review)

* 2 Heavy Duty Binders (to store your transcripts)

* Workbook with Trading Exercises (test your knowledge and apply what you've learned)

* Cheat Sheets for Easy Reference (keep them handy while you trade!)

* Bonus! Printed PowerPoint Slides from the Videos (Review key points, chart patterns, and templates quickly and easily.)

* Bonus! "Mental Fitness for Traders" by Norman Hallett (Gives you a fresh look at the mind of a trader and exposes a critical component of trading that is often overlooked.)

* Bonus! FREE 1:1 Coaching Session (Complete a brief questionnaire to schedule your 1:1 coaching session and get help with your personal trading plan. This is a $625 value... included free with your purchase today.)

* Bonus! A special "customers only" coupon good for $1,000 off the Trading Trainer Apprentice Program -- should you decide to join at a later date. (Mailed separately after your purchase.)

* Bonus! FREE Shipping in the USA! When you order today, you'll also get FREE Shipping

If this sounds like a lot of material, it is. That's because it gives you far more than a single trading technique; it gives you a world-class education in option trading.

And if you're committed, you could block out a weekend, go through the entire course, and be trading by Monday.

Remember: This is a step-by-step option trading system that ultimately brings you to the place where you know more about option trading than 95% of all the traders out there -- and gives you a trading plan that practically guarantees your success.

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