Friday, October 02, 2009

Van Tharp Peak Performance Home Study Course for Traders and Investors

Peak Performance Course
This Home Study Course is Dr. Tharp’s Masterpiece

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It’s designed for all levels of investors and traders—beginners, advanced, unsuccessful traders seeking to improve their performance, and successful traders who want to be more successful.

It has been nearly fifteen years since Dr. Tharp made significant changes to the Peak Performance Home Study Course.

During that time, he has researched and learned a lot more about important topics for trader peak performance. Dr. Tharp spent much of last year working on a new edition of the course. Now he is sharing this knowledge in the new 2nd Edition of the Peak Performance Course for Investors and Traders.

The course contains five books by Dr. Tharp, and four CDs.

Dr. Tharp carefully crafted the information from his studies into a model that people like you can use to improve their skills and increase profits. Furthermore, Dr. Tharp only studied people whose professional and personal lives were balanced. As a result, when you apply his model, it typically helps you lead a much happier and more satisfying life in all respects—not only in your trading.

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