Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Which Elliott Waves Are Best For Forex Trading?

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VIDEO (Forex): Which Elliott Waves Are Best For Trading?

We have many resources at ElliottWave that help you learn Elliott wave analysis -- but nothing helps you learn faster than watching a good teacher.

A few times a year, Elliott Wave International's Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens holds live webinars for subscribers of his Currency Specialty Service, demonstrating how you can apply his forecasts in forex trading.

Jim Martens was first introduced to the Wave Principle in 1985. Since then, he's built an impressive resume, having worked for such firms as Bank of New York and Nexus Capital Limited, a George Soros-affiliated hedge fund. Since 2005, Jim has been EWI's senior currencies analyst – and one of the best teachers of the method we have.

Here is a free 6-minute classic clip from one of Jim's last year's webinars, where he answers two of the most common questions his subscribers ask him: What's the best way to learn the Elliott Wave Principle? Which Elliott waves are best for trading forex?

Click Here To Watch the clip from "How To Boost Your Forex Trading With Your Currency Service Subscription" now.