Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Trading One-On-One Coaching

Rockwell Trading
Rockwell's Day Trading One-On-One Coaching Program

One on one private trading coaching is the fastest easiest way to learn how to trade the financial markets. Group training is good, but one-on-one focused coaching and training is the best choice for sure for new and even experienced traders.

Rockwell Trading is one of the most innovative and comprehensive day trading educational programs in the industry.

We teach our students HOW to trade.

We train our students on WHEN to trade.

We coach our students to trade with CONFIDENCE.

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Day Trading Coach Program Overview:

Rockwell Trading has made a name for itself through the high-quality education, support services and attention that we provide to our students. We want to give you exactly what you are looking for in day trading education: information, support and the guidance you need at a reasonable cost.

Our Day Trading Coach is a one-month intensive coaching program which will educate and provide you with all the necessary knowledge, tools, skills, discipline and experience you need to become a consistent day trader in today's Futures markets. Through one-on-one sessions with a veteran Rockwell coach, you will learn the essentials of day trading, master several proven trading strategies, create a personal long-term trading plan and log over 200 practice trades in multiple markets. This has all been designed to give you a critical edge in the Futures markets through hands-on application and professional mentoring.

Jump Start Your Trading Education:

It all starts with our four week Day Trading Coach Education. This is where we build your foundation as a day trader and reinforce the skills and discipline you will need to trade the Futures markets. This part of our Day Trading Coach Program includes:

* Four (4) One-On-One Intensive Coaching Sessions

Minimize your learning curve with four private tutoring sessions (conducted via phone and Internet) with a seasoned trader and scheduled at your convenience.

* Comprehensive Introduction to Multiple Trading Strategies

Learn the strategies necessary to day trade the markets, regardless of whether those markets are moving up, down or sideways.

* Professional Evaluation of over 200 Practice Trades

Build confidence by completing over 200 practice trades which are evaluated, graded and critiqued by your coach before you enter into live market trading.

* Course Binder and Reference Materials

A complete written synopsis of the Day Trading Coach program, including course summary videos, provided upon the completion of your final coaching session.

* Introduction to Six (6) or more Recommended Markets to Trade

Careful selection of the six most volatile, liquid, and diverse markets to enhance your ability of consistent and profitable market entry.

* Keys to Managing a Successful Trade

Learn how to establish and implement a trading exit strategy that will maximize your gains and minimize your losses.

* Development of a Personalized Trading Plan

Get ready to confidently trade the live markets with the aid of a personalized, written trading plan that is co-developed by you and your Rockwell coach.

* Money Management Strategies

Learn how to protect and grow your trade equity with a money management plan that is customized to meet your short, medium and long-term financial goals

* Access to the Rockwell Live Trading Support Room

The Rockwell Live Trading Support Room is open Monday through Thursday, from 9:15am – 11:30am EST. This is a terrific way for students to come together in a virtual trading room and watch the live markets together, discussing possible trades, and getting instant analysis from Rockwell trading professionals.

* Access to the Rockwell Trading Student Forum

Read comments and suggestions from students and coaches on new trading ideas and get professional opinions on a wide variety of trading topics.

* Access to all Rockwell Educational Webinars and Archive Library

Join other Rockwell students for regularly scheduled educational webinars that are designed to supplement and expand your trading knowledge base. Browse our growing library of recorded presentations, many of which feature special guest speakers that are addressing a wide variety of trading topics.

* License to use our Charting Software and Proprietary Trading Templates

Our Rockwell trading templates are designed to work with Genesis Trade Navigator* charting software and provide you with your choice of proprietary indicators, allowing you to confidently identify trending markets and possible trade entries.

* All Day Trading Coach Programs included a 45-day license to use Trade Navigator Lite charting software. After 45 days, the Trade Navigator Lite charting software can be leased for $59 per month directly from Genesis Financial Techologies, Inc.

First Coaching Session

* Define your trading goals

* Review the resources available

* Using the charting software

* Connecting to streaming data

* Beginning with one Futures market

* Trend-following strategies

* Trading in the morning vs. afternoon

* Profit target & stop loss values

* Examine sample trades

* Logging trades & setting objectives

* Homework assignment

Coaching Goal:

In the first coaching session, you will learn two different strategies for trading a trending market. We will teach you how to use our charting templates to identify conservative market entries and take trades using profit target and stop loss limits. You will also learn how to properly fill out a trading log and evaluate your performance.

Second Coaching Session

* Review homework assignment

* Evaluate Trading Log & Focus Sheet

* Discuss areas needing improvement

* Adding trading filters to your charts

* Volume & how it impacts a trade

* Intra-day support and resistance

* Counter-trend fading strategies

* Opening gaps & how to trade them

* Examples of trades not to take

* Trade management techniques

* Homework assignment

Coaching Goal:

In the second coaching session, you will learn two additional strategies, including how to fade a trending market. We will teach you how to use discretionary filters to improve the quality of your decision making process as you analyze the markets. You will also learn several trade management techniques to consider when you are already in a trade.

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