Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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MTPredictor Trading Software
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New - MetaTrader4 Data Support Included

MTPredictor now has a live connection for MetaTrader4 real-time data into the new MTPredictor v6.5 using the MTPredictor RTDataServer at no extra charge.

MetaTrader4 is an online trading platform designed for financial institutions dealing with Forex, CFD, and Futures markets.

MTPredictor 6.5 Trading Software

MTPredictor Ltd., the UK firm specializing in risk control software for financial traders, has confirmed that its brand new standalone analysis software, v6.5, is now available on general release. Representing a major programming advance, v6.5 enables customers to find trade set-ups and control the risk on both live, intraday charts and daily/weekly charts in the same software package. V6.5 is state-of-the art tab/workspace-based software which serves the needs of both short-term swing traders and long-term position traders alike.

Real-time, intraday traders now have the choice of powering v6.5 with a streaming, live datafeed from new MTPredictor industry partner DTNiQFeed or the long-established partner eSignal. In addition, they can now use the full set of MTPredictor risk tools previously available only in v6.0 to find risk-controlled trades real-time.

The brand new real-time Scanner cuts search time down by finding and alerting traders automatically to low initial money risk set-ups. The 5 main automatic MTPredictor set-ups can be identified with a visual and audible alert. Different markets can be kept in dedicated workspaces, for example helping the trader keep forex trades separate from futures trades.

MTPredictor’s automatic risk/reward analysis, Position Sizing tools and trade management targets are all available real-time in v6.5, for a disciplined trading process.

The powerful Elliott Waves and Decision Point tools can also now be used on real-time charts, quickly highlighting clear Elliott Wave patterns at critical price levels and support/resistance areas where professionals may reverse a market against the herd instinct. This offers still more risk-controlled trade opportunities. The proprietary MTPredictor Volume Spike Indicator can also be displayed automatically, giving instant warning of professionals' trading activity with the potential to reverse a market move.

The development and release of v6.5 re-confirms the company’s worldwide reputation for helping traders control their trading risk through the MTPredictor 4-Stage Trading Process. Business Development and Marketing Director Tony Beckwith commented: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to respond to customers’ needs with the launch of v6.5. Traders can now find low risk set-ups, assess their risk/reward outlook, determine their trade size and manage their open trades on charts all the way up from 3 minute to weekly bars – all in the same software package. Commenting on datafeeds, Tony added: “DTNiQFeed customers can now use MTPredictor v6.5 for pure real-time trade analysis, a clear step forward and a major new offering for them”.

In addition to the v6.5 standalone software, MTPredictor continues to serve customers of the TradeStation8, NinjaTrader and eSignal chart platforms by offering the well-known MTPredictor RT add-ons designed specifically for use on those three platforms.

MTPredictor 6.5 Support

The software is available on a standard 30 day money-back guarantee, minus a US $250.00 support fee. The Support package for customers includes Part 2 of the Trading Course, weekly Customer Training and Sales Presentation webinars, a Discussion Forum, a daily Blog and round-the-clock email/phone support. The firm is also planning to announce a new traders’ coaching programme, with details to be confirmed.

About MTPredictor Ltd.

MTPredictor Ltd. develops and markets the MTPredictor™ specialist trading software for individual traders, professional traders, hedge funds, investors, brokers and money managers. MTPredictor also operates regular training Webinars for customers, non-customers and third party firms.

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