Friday, July 16, 2010

31.2% Net Return in 2.8 Months

World Cup Advisor
To Andrea Unger, trends are good but "clean trends" are better.

That's how Unger characterizes foreign currency activity over the last few days, with the Euro and British Pound making a recovery from their prolonged slide against the dollar. Andrea scalped a $1,279 EUR/USD winner from the long side today in his Cross-Current forex account, and is holding a $2,089 open trade profit in the GBP/USD.

"The main currencies are recovering from recent drops and doing it with some clean trends," Andrea says. "This is a big edge for the Cross-Current strategies, which try to take advantage of trends lasting several days."

Cross-Current's net return stands at 31.2% on profits of $7,815 in 2.8 months. AutoTrade™ subscribers can automatically make the same trades that Andrea makes -- learn more now.

Andrea is the winner of the last two World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® titles with net returns of 672% in '08 and 115% in '09. Click here to learn more about his background and trading style.

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