Friday, July 09, 2010

Transform Your Ideas for Trading Success

Van Tharp Institute
Transform Your Trading Ideas Into An Organized Sequential and Actionable Plan for Trading Success

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Through his modeling work with top traders, Van Tharp has discovered the blueprint for trading success that will ensure you consistent prosperity as a trader.

Do you want to trade more profitably and more consistently but don’t know where to start?

Van Tharp's Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop can help you transform your trading dreams, goals, and ideas into an organized, sequential, and actionable plan for trading success. In the workshop, Dr. Tharp will guide you through a process in which you’ll create your own personal trading blueprint. That blueprint will provide you the strategic steps you need for successful trading, or even a trading career.

Van has always taught that successful traders have mastered four main areas: 1) trading systems, 2) position sizing, 3) personal psychology, and 4) business planning.

In just three days you’ll see how you can integrate the requirements for each of these areas into a seamless plan so you can generate more predictable trading results. Whether you intend to trade for a living or just want better results than you currently get, your trading will never be the same after this workshop.

This course illustrates the relationships among the strategic areas and between various steps to take. Both the process and the outcomes are reasonable after many years of refinement by Dr. Tharp. Moreover, Van Tharp will show you how to take steps experientially so you really get it. Dr. Tharp is an expert in asking rich elicitation questions that bring forth your most important issues. Because your answers are unique to you, your blueprint will fit you like a custom suit unique for your strengths, challenges, resources, and capabilities.

Would you like to get a better idea of what this workshop is about? Download a no-cost Van Tharp teleconference recording to listen to some of the steps now. As a bonus, there’s a second no-cost recording with Van Tharp and Ken Long discussing what it takes to become a great trader.

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Our next Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop is August 13-15 (Friday-Sunday). You get a $700 discount by registering early and an additional $100 discount if you also attend Van's Peak Performance 101 Workshop, scheduled August 17-19.

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