Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scaling the Peaks to Trading Success

Seven Summits Trader
Hey, in case you haven't seen one of the bazillion emails, the Seven Summits Trader Debut is happening today ;)

Click here to attend the free webinar.

But in all seriousness, I've seen a sneak preview of
the SST and I can definitely see how it would generate
some buzz.

To celebrate the Debut, Mark (the developer) has 2
live webinars planned today: the first at 12pm Noon
and the second at 6pm Eastern (New York Time) - so
check your schedule and see what time works best for

I'll be at the 6pm webinar - honestly, I'm kind of
axious to see what kind of 'extras' he's giving away
for the big debut. (Mark is known for really bringing
the giveaways on release day). The bonuses go like
hotcakes but man, I love all those extras! If you're
anything like me, make sure you pick a webinar and get
your logins ASAP:

Mark will be teaching a lesson on the new 'Scale &
Trail' system, finally shedding some light on what the
system comes with (prepare to be shocked) and host a
live Q&A call with live audience members. So if I were
you, I'd bring your tough, skeptical questions because
you'll probably learn a thing or two.

But whatever you do, try to get your hands on those
giveaways! Many of them are only given out to live
webinar attendees so get your seat right now and maybe
I'll see you later today?

Did you see the most recent SST results update on trading Google?

+31.85 on a 130 minute chart!

Click here for more information.