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Trading Workshop Boot Camp Sept 17

No Pain No Gain
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Know Which Van Tharp Workshop is Right For You

People just like you call or email us daily wondering if the value and opportunity offered by our trading workshops will provide a definite positive return on their investment of dollars, time, and travel. For some the answer is a definite yes, and for others, the answer is no. We want you to feel confident in your decision to attend our workshops. Read the outline of our workshops and how they fit together that follows, so that you can make an informed decision and best choice for you.

Our workshops have an outstanding reputation both for their content and for the level of attendees. This incredibly high caliber of clientele just keep coming back. Time and time again, familiar faces return to repeat courses and attend new ones both for the educational experience and the networking opportunities. We must be doing something right!

Whether you are just starting out on the trading journey or have been a trader for many years, Van Tharp’s materials and tools are fundamental to helping you to be the best trader you can be. Our workshops are an outstanding learning format to effectively and efficiently share with you the valuable knowledge that Van Tharp has accumulated through more than two decades of research and coaching top traders in the world. In conjunction with his world class instructors, Van has put together a trading curriculum that is unrivalled in the industry.

I. Foundation Workshops

Tharp Fundamentals and the Backbone of Great Trading

Although these workshops are called Foundation Workshops, they are definitely not basic. There is certain core material that you must master to become a great trader; these workshops provide that material. Regardless of your background or trading experience, you should regard these workshops as the starting point for your trading education. What you learn in these core workshops is not dependent on the market, nor the timeframe. You will find value in these workshops whether you are a short term or long term trader.

* Blueprint for Trading Success

* Peak Performance 101

* How to Develop a Winning Trading System that Fits You

If you attend these workshops, you will master yourself, understand what you need to do for profitable trading, learn to develop a blueprint for trading/investing success, and learn how to develop systems that fit you.

II. Specific Strategies and Proven Techniques in Various Trading Styles

For these workshops we bring in long time student and master trader, Ken Long. Ken started out as a student many years ago and now is our best technical instructor. The Van Tharp Institute has made available to you three of Ken's workshops that will fit your short-term and longer term objectives as well as many markets (stock market, futures, ETFs, options).

* Systems That Outperform the Global Markets Long Term

* Mechanical Swing and Day Trading Systems for Equities and ETFs

* Discretionary Swing and Day Trading Systems

III. Advanced Workshops with Pre-requisites

* Peak Performance 202; Peak 101 is a pre-requisite.

* Peak Performance 203 (the Happiness Workshops); Peak 101 is a pre-requisite. Note, Peak 202 is not required before 203 so if desired one can take Peak 101 and then go straight into Peak 203

* The Super Trader Program. (Peak 101 and Dr. Tharp’s approval required).

* Discretionary Swing and Day Trading Systems; Mechanical Swing and Day Trading Systems for Equities and ETFs is a prerequisite.

Foundation Workshops

The Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop. Whether you are a full-time professional who wants a solid foundation or someone who would like to make a lot of money trading/investing and eventually move into trading full time for yourself, this is the ultimate course to provide you with exactly what you need to master trading success.

You will be guided step-by-step by Dr. Tharp through a series of 52 pertinent questions designed to get you thinking strategically about your trading. He will touch on all of the specific areas that you need to address, in the order that you need to address them. You will walk away from this workshop with a business plan outline and an understanding of why you want to trade, how you want to trade, the specific steps that you need to take to create a winning trading plan that works in any market condition and what type of trading systems you want to incorporate into your plan. You’ll also learn some of the key things that you need to personally master in order to be successful. You will learn how expectancy, position sizing, R-multiples, objectives, the big picture and other Tharp concepts fit together. After this workshop, you will know where you need to delve next to increase your profits and success in the markets.

Peak Performance 101. Two types of people frequent the Van Tharp Institute—those that believe that trading is purely technical and a learned skill (those people tend to head for the Systems and Strategy workshops first and eventually join us at Peak 101), and those who already know that their thoughts and beliefs play a huge role in their individual trading results. We can prove to you that trading is largely psychological. You must master yourself if you want great trading results.

Peak Performance 101 is Dr. Tharp’s core psychological workshop and his most famous course for over 15 years. If you want to know how great traders think, behave and act so you can achieve consistent and profitable results, without stress, then this workshop is for you. You will not only learn what makes a great trader great, but you will also find out what is holding you back. There are many ways you could be sabotaging your market experiences: overtrading, not pulling the trigger, over confidence or lack of confidence, or just making mistake after mistake. In this workshop, you are taught exclusively by Dr. Tharp. He designed this workshop to help you break down barriers, as well as teach you specific tasks and strategies that will improve your trading results overnight.

Developing a Winning Trading System that Fits You. Do you spend small fortunes buying other people’s trading systems, and following their recommendations and ideas, yet you still don’t win in the markets? Is it because you think that you can’t do it yourself? Or is there a holy grail that a few have mastered that they won't share with you?

Well, Jack Schwager, after writing Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards concluded that the secret was to develop and trade a system that fits you. You do exactly that in this workshop. You can create a system that fits you regardless of your technical know-how. Anyone can create a system. You just have to have the knowledge and commitment to do it. In this workshop, you will learn the key components of a trading system (there are more than most people realize), how and why they are needed, and how to use position sizing to help you fulfill your trading objectives.

Strategy and Systems Workshops

Our strategy workshops help you to either master the time frame that you have chosen, or give you the tools to decide what type of trading you are really interested in. These workshops are packed with great systems that really work well. These workshops also go in depth in their specific trading area, while you simultaneously learn how to incorporate the key Van Tharp principles and rules into the trading technique.

Systems That Outperform the Global Markets Long Term

You will be given a series of intermediate and long term systems in Ken’s re-engineered ETF 101 workshop. Ken has structured this course so you can adopt systems of various time horizons from several days to one year. In addition to his long performing and well-developed systems, you can learn a brand new strategy that Ken started developing just this summer. It requires only monthly position adjustments for a “hands-free” approach for part of your equity, yet has consistently bested the market averages. Ken’s other intermediate and longer term systems have a variety of logical foundations and some traders have adapted them successfully for other instruments like futures and options. Not to worry though, with Ken’s approach, there’s always some market performing well somewhere and his systems tell you how to find them and profit from them.

Mechanical Swing and Day Trading Systems for Equities and ETFs

You will learn Ken’s best shorter-term systems in the re-engineered ETF 202 workshop. Ken starts you off at a very high level of thinking about and looking at current market conditions. He will then take you down a level to focus in on which strategies you would most likely benefit from. Finally, he gets you to ground level with a strong daily trading plan that defines your entry points, position sizing strategies, and exits. You can operate many of these systems with automated orders so that you don’t have to be monitoring prices during the open market hours when most people are working. If you can watch prices, however, you can execute these systems with live trades for even better results.

NEW Discretionary Swing and Day Trading Systems

You will understand how to apply Ken’s mechanical systems’ setup and entry signals discretionarily—beyond the strict rules—in this brand new workshop. Ken is the archetype of a rule-based discretionary trader—the kind I have found to generate the highest returns. His mechanical system setups will guide you to prime opportunities and then you can see how to exploit intraday price movements at very low-risk levels. In this workshop, you will prep for the trading day, make trades, and perform your daily debrief alongside Ken and the other traders in the room.

Because Ken bases his intraday discretionary trading on his mechanical swing and day systems, the Mechanical Swing and Day workshop is a prerequisite. (Attendees of the previous Mechanical workshops and former ETF 202 students are also eligible. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please call or email us directly.)

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Peak Performance 202

In this advanced workshop you will experience a dramatic personal reinvention. You’ll learn how to make a declaration for a trading vision that might seem impossible now, uncover the beliefs that shape your success, and find out what you can really accomplish. Moreover, you’ll learn about the games we play—the most important psychological breakthrough of the new millennium.

Peak Performance 203

In Peak Performance 203 you will in touch with your higher guidance. In your natural state, you have the ability to see the market just as it is. You have no thoughts come up to remind you of the past or attempt to predict the future. Instead, you see exactly what’s happening in the market. And from that flow state an amazing level of trading is possible.

When you really understand that you are not your beliefs about the market, but the awareness of those beliefs, then you can really know what the market is doing. It gives you a tremendous edge. That type of trading is possible for everyone.


Once you know how you think and why, uncover what you really want to achieve with your trading and then develop a specific plan to make it happen. You can fit workable trading systems into that plan, and you’ll be well on your way to success as a trader.

However, trading is trading, and the markets can be brutal sometimes. So whether you are a short term or a long term trader or something in between, it is essential that you learn how to integrate the foundation of great trading into the specific trading style that is right for you. From there, you can look at specific trading strategies that might fit with who you are and add them to your arsenal.

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