Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Macro Millionaire Trading

Worlds Greatest Ground Floor Trading Opportunity

This is impressive. Over the last few weeks, John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, offered to coach and mentor “do-it-yourself” traders into world class traders.

While the market has basically been doing nothing, the folks who took him up on his offer have been making money hand over fist.

Up 21% in about a WEEK in their first position

Up 10% in a WEEK in their second position

And up 100% in a DAY on their latest position

Not a bad week! If you haven’t checked out his trading strategy video, I highly suggest you watch it now.

Click here to see one of the most eye-popping presentations on trading I’ve ever come across. It clearly explains how they’re getting these returns.

I’ve told you before about John Thomas, the founding father of the international hedge fund industry and one of 2010’s top performing hedge fund managers. In this video, he explains a trading strategy that turned $1,000 into $1.3 million in 3 easy trades.

If that sounds impossible, then you really need to watch the video to see the true story of how one very well known hedge fund used it to turn every $100,000 invested into it into $420,000,000. Click here to watch John’s video.

The whole thing is about what it REALLY takes to be a world class trader. This is NOT the musings of some guru, author or pundit. John is near the top of the totem pole for hedge fund managers in the world based on his performance in the market
right now.

What he says will offend some traders and more than a few gurus, because he lays out some cold, hard truths about what you must do if you want to make money in every kind of market.

This guy really knows what he’s talking about. Just take a look at some of his experience:

Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros PAID to have him consult on their hedge funds (he even made $75 million trading against Soros in a single month).

He spent 10 years working for and being mentored by the legendary Barton Biggs. Widely considered the #1 global trading strategist in the world, Biggs is the multi-billion hedge fund manager and former Chief Global Strategist for Morgan Stanley.

John has recommended 48 winners out of 49 trades that generated up to 76% in a single month and 400% in four months - WITHOUT OPTIONS or leverage of any kind.

In 2010, he is one of the top-performing hedge fund managers and traders in the world, a position he’s held for several years.

He founded Wall Street’s massively successful ORIGINAL dedicated international hedge fund.

This is a killer presentation. I highly, HIGHLY suggest you watch it right now – click here to view it.

I seriously believe that if you watch this video, it will have an immediate and positive impact on your trading and your profits.