Friday, December 03, 2010

Steve Nison Candlestick Live Seminar Dec 4

Steve Nison Candlestick Charting Day Trading Seminars

December 4 - 5, 2010, New Jersey

As you know, I only teach one or two live seminars per year. I wish my schedule would allow more, because I love meeting face-to-face with students... some whom I have communicated with for years by email and phone.

These traders tell me over and over again that attending these live seminars is by far the best way to truly master the power of candlesticks. And many of them also study from my DVD Training Programs!

That's why I'm thrilled to announce an exciting seminar in New Jersey!

Now There Are TWO Ways To Attend This Seminar:

1. Join us LIVE at the seminar in New Jersey

2. Participate AT-HOME via our brand new "Live Web Simulcast" technology

Click here for more information and registration.

Here's The Knowledge I Will Give You When You Join Me At "The Candlestick Success Formula"

The Framework

* Introduction to Steve Nison's Trading Triad Success System™

* Practical guide to drawing the basic candle lines - real bodies and shadows

* Why candles give DOUBLE the information of a bar chart

* Tactics on using real bodies to gauge market momentum

* Adding the insights of upper and lower shadows

* Identifying false breakouts using candle charts

Single Candle Lines

* How to use individual candle lines to get early clues of market turns

* Uses and misuses of Doji

* How doji can be used as a stop

* Gravestone doji

* Dragonfly doji

* Spinning Tops

* Hammer

* Shooting star

* High Wave

Double Candle Line Patterns

* Dark Cloud Cover

* The bull and bear engulfing patterns

* Bull and Bear Harami

* Bull separating line

* Piercing Pattern

* Bull and Bear Separating Lines

* Bull and Bear Sash Patterns

Triple (or more) Candle Line Patterns

* Morning Star

* Evening Star

* Rising and Falling Windows

* Breakaway gaps and windows

Going to the Next Level: Merging Candlesticks with Classic Western indicators

Do you when to start a new trade- or when to end a trade? The answer is completely dependent with Western technical indicators. This fusion of candlesticks with Western technical indicators, at critical junctures, is one of the most important strategies you need to know to generate entry and exit points.

* Using these two simple questions you will instantly know when to buy at support or when to sell at resistance

* Getting Price Targets

* Steve's favorite measured move

* How and why prior support can be converted into new resistance

* How and why prior resistance can become new support

* The Bullish "Crack and Snap" strategy

* The Bearish "Falling Off The Roof" tactic

* How to recognize and take advantage of False Breakouts

* Candles and Volume

* Candles and Bollinger Bands

* Candles and Retracements including Fibonacci

* Candles and Moving Averages

Reaching the Upper Levels: Trade Management

* The one rule every trader ignores at their own peril

* The importance of short-term trend

* What to do after the trade is made

* How to place trades in the direction of the longer-term trend

* Using Candles to place stops

* Effective money management concepts to maximize the effectiveness of candle charts

* How and why some traders get "burned" with candles

* How NOT to use candles!

* “Nison Trading Principles” — Critical Refinements and Enhancements for High Success Trading with Candlestick Charts

Using A Trading Journal

* Importance of using a trading journal

* Setting up a trading journal

* How to use a trading journal before the trade

* Using a trading journal after the trade is closed

* See how Steve personally uses a trading journal

BONUS: Secrets of Intraday Candle Charts for Day and Swing Traders

* Discover why and how candle patterns should be traded differently on intraday charts

* How to combine intraday signals with longer time frame support and resistance

* Using intraday candle charts to find "hidden" support/resistance

* How to get earlier clues of reversals than you can with daily charts

* Easy method to determine if the market is really overbought or oversold

* When to pull the trigger on an intraday trade

BONUS: Trading Options With Candles

* Benefits of options

* Review of option basics

* Candlesticks and trend

* Candlesticks and timing

* Candlesticks for exits

* Candlesticks for protection

* Strategies to help lessen time decay risk

* Getting price targets

Nison Candle Scanner Software
Nison Candle Scanner Software

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