Thursday, February 03, 2011

TC2000 Trading Software New Release

Worden Brothers Telechart TC2000
Worden Brothers Telechart & TC2000 Trading Software Free Trial

Worden Brothers Telechart Trading Software is happy to report the release of their brand new TC2000 version 11 of their popular flagship product. Over the past few years they have released two new products, StockFinder and FreeStockCharts. Both have been really well received. But now, they have a new update to their most popular software that brings together the best of all three packages! They are incorporating the best features out of all Worden programs and building a unified platform which will be the focus of all future development and sales.

TC2000 version 11 is in Beta release officially, but will be out in full release sometime in the next couple of months. They are in the process of updating all the legacy features of TC2000 and also adding key features from StockFinder and FreeStockCharts.

Here are just a few new things about (Gold or Platinum):

Online—access from any computer anywhere (including your personal settings, WatchLists, etc)

Personal WatchLists - now shared across all Worden platforms

Data feeds (US—common, preferred, BB, PS; Canadian; Forex; Indexes)

Bar Intervals—Daily and above; Intraday (supplied by BATS in Gold; full market real-time in Platinum)

Platinum live chat

Indicator Library — huge library; ability to overlay and daisy chain

QuickSort—fastest sorting ever!

WatchList Columns — created by conditions directly from your charts

News/notes window — streaming news, personal notes and notes from the TC community

Drawing Tools — great list of powerful tools including trendlines, Fibonacci, Gann, text and more.

Alerts—trendline, price, condition & reminder

TC Menus—still have EasyScan, PCF’s, Custom Date Sort, etc.

Full Integration with Twitter & Facebook

Completely compatible with Macs as well as PC’s!

Review the videos and some training materials to help you get up-to-date in your knowledge of the new product.

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