Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Hot Trading Trends & ETF List

I want to make sure you see this video and PDF giving you 2011s hottest ETFs and the 5 fundamental investing trends driving nearly every “hot” sector, commodity and market in the world today.

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According to top-performing hedge fund manager, John Thomas, nearly all of the hottest ETFs-nearly every hot stock… hot global index . . . hot currency . . . hot commodity . . . is “hot” BECAUSE it’s being driven by one or more of these 5 major trends.

Watching this presentation and downloading the PDF will make you a better trader because they give you the critical “big picture” of where the money is today.

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Trust me, it’s 100% killer content-NOT a veiled sales pitch for something you don’t want or need.

In this briefing, you’ll discover where the money is and how to get it, including where to find.

The HOTTEST COUNTRIES in the world for investors. Plus, how to tell which stock markets have no choice but to go up, or down, today and for the next 10 years…

The HOTTEST CURRENCIES to trade (and the currencies smart money is shorting)…

The HOTTEST COMMODITIES every trader and investor must know about if they hope to make serious money…

The HOTTEST ASSETS TO SHORT today–or at the very least, make sure aren’t going…

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If you’ve got any money in the market, this is 100% practical, profitable and priceless information. I highly recommend you watch it.

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