Friday, July 22, 2011

Nison Candlesticks and Options Video

Steve Nison has been undercover doing some great work recently.

If you don't recognize his name, you should.

Steve is the Western world's top expert on candlestick charts.

I wouldn’t even think of trading without his training, especially because they work in all markets and all time frames.

And now he has just uncovered some very cool new approaches to options trading.

He takes proven options trading methods and improves them with candlestick patterns.

The results are shockingly good.

He has some free videos that explain his new methods that you should check out for yourself.

Click Here For Steve Nison's Options Videos

Pretty much every trader is either trading options in their portfolio or has plans to do it soon.

That's why this information Steve has is so valuable.

In these videos you will see:

How to double your profits by seeing reversals before they become obvious to others

The way to squeeze maximum profits from breakouts

A secret strategy using the doji candlestick to set up an options trade

A chart challenge where you will have a chance to see an option situation, decide what you would do, and then see Steve's answer

Not all breakouts are equal . . . discover why


In these videos, Steve also gives you the most important thing you need to know for successful options trading – don't even consider doing an option trade until you know this!

Click here for Steve Nison's Options & Candlesticks videos now

And it's easy enough for any options trader -- even if you are brand new to options or just thinking of trading options -- to do on their own.

If my enthusiasm for Steve's candlestick and options strategies isn't strong enough, consider what other traders using his methods have to say...

"I noticed one of your favorite bearish signals. So told our broker buy ABX at the money puts... I also used your measuring technique to establish a target. 2 days later the stock hit the target. I will never forget what our broker said 'how did you know ABX was going down and how did you know what price it would hit?'" - Mike Kampu

“The candles allow accurate, precise, earlier entries than anything else that I am aware of... it is almost like continuously ringing the cash register.” -James Barrett

“Other indicators were slower, but with candles I could tell a clear reversal happened, so I could confidently take the trade and obtain a higher credit than if I would have waited longer after it moved up.”

Watch Steve's Options Videos Now

Steve is offering these videos as a special favor, and I know he's planning on taking them down in the next week or two. Click here to watch the videos before they're gone.

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