Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Straddle Auto-Trading Economic Data Reports

There's a veritable fortune to be made with StraddleTrader Pro (just see the comments below).

You've had access to the trial version for about 2 weeks now, but all good things must come to an end: the trial version expires TODAY, but you can keep it going at this link:

Make sure you keep access to the StraddleTrader Pro software (designed to let you 'ride' the biggest market spikes when news releases come out), by hurrying to grab
one of the few remaining packages - they are going fast!

If you have any doubts, check out these results from some of the brand new StraddleTrader users:

Eliahu A: "Yesterday I made $1,300 USD on service UK PMI [news release]"

Dave K: "I took that AUD/USD news trade and made 30 pips, that was my first
trade and I am impressed..."

Ben M: "I made 32 pips on Monday"

Giovanni: "I got it in a demo account 500 euro.. not bad.. with 0.10 lot
I gained 149 euro in 20 hours"

If you've actually given this software a fair chance by installing it (like the traders above did), watched the training videos, and set it up to run during news
releases, then you undoubtedly have seen how well it works and you are eager to keep access to it.

If you aren't eager, then you must not be informed!.. rectify that by visiting the link. Ignorance in this case is definitely NOT bliss... just ask Michael...

Michael D: "1 lot for me...straight 15 pips...more lots = more profit... will come with more confidence in software, which is quickly building... If there's anyone on the fence because they think this is bogus or just a bunch a hype, I wish I could look them in the eye and say, "hey, this is as good as it gets trading Forex, gotta do your homework, know your software, listen to Barry!" ...this software gives you your best shot at seeing profit..."

The PIP gains are really solid, consistent, and no technical knowledge is required whatsoever to capitalize on this strategy.

Even total FOREX novices are making money with it, so get onboard fast before they shut down the access.

Click Here for the link to click to get and keep the software active:

In the last few months, Barry Battista, the creator, has enjoyed large wins with StraddleTrader about 60% of the time! That is a phenomenal ratio, and the cash gains are many times larger than the very small losses that occur only about 30% of the time.

So what's the bottom line?.. If you are not yet familiar with StraddleTrader Pro, then visit that link and pay close attention. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what many are calling the most helpful Expert Advisor ever created for news trading.

They have already sold through the bulk of the 500 packages, and they are shutting it down as soon as they are sold out, and not reopening it again for quite some time, so NOW is the time to act.

Do not procrastinate and lose access, or you will regret it when I report big profits after the next round of news releases come out!

Lack of confidence is what stops most traders from really succeeding, but that won't be an issue for you because this software package comes with a very thorough, professionally produced 'video on demand' 5-module Training Course, but you have to be one of the 500 traders who lock this in to get the training course at no-cost!

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