Thursday, September 08, 2011

Profiting From Gullible Stupid Traders and Investors

Rumors, false hopes, a “good story” . . .

This is what many investors base their stock choices on.

Not exactly a good idea if you ask me. BUT there's a way to profit off of other investors bad decisions.

Mark Messier's new video shows to profit handsomely from gullible stupid traders and investors.

So how does Mark do it? By playing the smart side of one sector’s bad decisions. You can see him in action here.

Don't worry, there's nothing for sale — just some ideas you can use to pad your profits in the months ahead.

Reckless, gullible and greedy investors will always be with us, and they routinely transfer their wealth to investors who play it smart, safe and careful. You might as well be on the right side of this equation right?

A lot of people buy stocks for downright STUPID reasons – rumors, false hope and because a stock has a ‘good story.”

And there’s a way for you to profit as long as investors buy stocks for stupid reasons.

Mark Messier’ track record is proof of that: Over the last two and a half years, he’s taken his meager savings of $7,480 and turned it into $289,635.

How? By playing the smart side of one sector’s persistent stupidity.

And now, Mark has released a free video revealing how you can do it, too.

Click here to watch Mark’s “Reckless, Gullible and Greedy” video right now.