Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stock Crash Profitable Trading Strategies

Here we are again, the market is falling back into crash conditions.

The market is on a upside rebound currently, but don't be fooled, get ready to go short again anytime at these higher rebound levels. Look for SP500 1231 to 1258 to place new short positions.

It's more proof of what I've been saying for the past 3 years: Volatility is the real “new normal” in the stock market. And the most predictable side of that volatility is the down side.

You can either change with the times and get up to 2,000% richer OR get left behind and let the volatility destroy your portfolio.

Imagine turning $100 into $5,466 in 31 days... $100 into $6,321 in 46 days... or into $13,600 in 99 days. And turning $2,000 into $82,888... or taking your $7,400 nest egg and exploding it into $226,467 – all in just FOUR MONTHS.

Because you're about to see the DOCUMENTED and AUDITED trades proving a "crash strategy" approach to this market does exactly that.

I'm talking about serious money. More than you could make in 15 years of trading alongside the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett.

Consider his 22% average annual rate of return. $10,000 at 22% in 10 years is $73,046.31... in 15 years $197,422.87

$10,000 at 2,862% handed us $296,200 - $98,777.13 MORE than 15 years of holding Berkshire Hathaway stock - in just FOUR MONTHS!

Today I'm going to show you why turning your investing approach "upside down" is the single most profitable thing you can do right now. Because the Short Side of the market is where you can make 5227% returns… 6221% returns... 7492% returns... 13,400% returns – all in FOUR MONTHS OR LESS!

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