Monday, October 03, 2011

Smart Money versus Dumb Money

SP500 Major Support Levels

First I don't have a new buy-long or sell-short stock pick this week as I don't see any low-risk high-reward trades at current time. If 1101.54 gives way on the SP500, I suggest selling short into the break, and look for major support at 1085.21 to 1076.33. If things really get bloody below 1076.33, then start looking for major support at 945.86 to 936.37.

Profiting From Trade Triangles

In the meantime, I suggest taking advantage of the MarketClub promo trial above, and check out their auto-scan trade triangles for stocks, forex, and commodity futures. Triangle chart formations normally continue with a breakout in the same direction of the primary trend and can be quite explosive in a short amount of time giving you the chance for quick fast profits. As always, use stop-loss in case the market reverses on you along with money management trailing stops to lock-in profits. Good luck this week.

Smart Money versus Dumb Money

We often hear the term "Smart Money" in the investing world. It refers to big banks, trading desks and hedge funds with highly trained traders, trading systems and lots of trading capital. Likewise "Dumb Money" is the everyday trader that has found a way to consistently buy high and sell low and they let fear/greed control their trading, dwindling trading accounts and confidence.

Put Low-Risk High-Reward In Your Favor

Whether you are "Smart Money", "Dumb Money", or somewhere in between, I have something for you today that you can really benefit from. I want to show you how you too can put probability in your corner and take emotion, fear and greed out of the equation.

Optimum Price Entry Points Is Vital

The latest from MarketClub makes finding trades and entry points a breeze. I encourage you to take a look today. They have just opened up 100 spots at the extremely low price of $8.95 and when you sign up today you'll be entered for a drawing to win a free 1 year membership on an HP WiFi Tablet!

Trade Triangle Technology

$8.95 gets you full access for 30 days! That's less than 2 cups of Starbucks coffee! Full access means you will get to try MarketClub's Trade Triangle Technology and listen to our Talking Chart technology. You won't find this type of easy-to-use technology anywhere else on the web.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Take this opportunity to try out the technology that translated my decades of professional trading and turned it into the MarketClub service. You get it all for less than the cost of two premium Starbucks coffee!

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