Monday, December 05, 2011

Market Mastery Profitable Stock Picking

I don't have a low-risk high-reward stock pick long or short this week as I just don't see the potential risk for reward great enough. I'm still looking for the major indicies to re-test the September October lows. I would consider investing in mortgages with bad credit than take any new positions in the stock market right now. In the meantime I have some free stock trading videos for you to review here that can you can potentially profit from.

As you probably know, there are over 7,000 stocks to choose from on just the U.S. exchanges alone.

But what you might NOT know is that about 97% of these stocks are PURE POISON for your portfolio, meaning that the odds are stacked AGAINST you before you even place a trade.

Recently, one of the most respected trading experts in our community discovered a way to automatically FILTER OUT the 'poison' stocks and leave you with:

* The Top 3% that offer the most profit potential every time you trade.

These are the safest, most predictable stocks that give you the best odds, and if you're NOT trading stocks in the Top 3%, you could be unknowingly KILLING your portfolio.

This trading expert recorded a series of brand new training videos that reveal his discovery, and show you how to filter out the poison stocks yourself.

The first video is ready to watch here:

After you watch it, please leave a comment below the video and let the community know what you think.

I think we're on to something big here.

With this discovery, you have the potential to BEAT the S&P500 by 5,420% or MORE. I know, it sounds weird, but it'll make sense after you watch the video.

Click here to review the videos.