Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Backtesting for High Performance Trading

A new more sophisticated backtesting tool has been developed by the Zulutrade Team! The all new backtesting tool lets you do more!

Simulate providers performance including custom stop loss or take profit. Eliminate certain currency pairs, or perform any custom settings, and see the results! Compare them with the signal provider's results! Identify ideal stop losses for each provider and protect your account.

Simulate with real life slippage!

Combine multiple providers and identify ideal combinations for your portfolio!

We have tested this new tool in our lab, and realized that in most cases if an ideal custom stop loss had been used, our testing account was performing much better than a provider's account!

If you decide to use a custom stop loss (which we recommend you always do, for all the providers in your portfolio), make sure to find the ideal stop loss through our backtesting tool, and make sure to tick the "safe" option.

In periods of global crisis and huge volatility, the ideal stop loss is the one that will protect your account in the long run!

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