Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Steve Nison Candlesticks Webcast Jan 31

This training webcast reveals how candlestick charts help you make smarter, more confident decisions – from the man who brought candlesticks to Western traders.

A Personal Note From Steve Nison

“My goal is helping you become the best trader possible. How? By showing you how to fully exploit candlestick charts to increase profits and decrease risk. These are the very same techniques I teach at institutional trading departments around the world. The rewards reaped at this session will be immediate and long lasting. I look forward to working with you!” — Steve Nison

About this Webcast Session:

Steve Nison has been inducted into the Traders Hall of Fame

This will be a 60-minute live online web seminar presented by world-famous candle charting guru Steve Nison.

This first-time ever event is called CANDLESTICKS UNLEASHED

This information is geared to all traders and investors regardless of experience or technical expertise, who want to make sure they are using candles correctly. These techniques are specifically designed to be used in all markets (including for timing option trades) and all time frames.

Many people claim to teach candlesticks, but there is only one correct source in the Western world: Nison Candlesticks… candlesticks the right way.

No matter what you trade you can improve your performance with these key topics covered in this high energy, informative and entertaining webinar:

See how Nison Candles will give traders vital timing advantages in entering before the potential big moves start

Discover the two ways most traders lose money

Discover what the candlestick line is telling you about the health of the market so you know exactly when to enter, exit or stand aside

See how to avoid “Profit Leakers” to help you avoid the most common misuses of candlesticks that could cost you big $$$

Participate in the live Q&A to have rock-solid confidence about what you learned at the webinar

Take a one minute trading stress test!

Find out how to get your markets analyzed by Steve Nison so you can use his trading ideas the very next trading sessions

Take a Nison Chart Challenge

You’ll love the fact that these are the secret strategies Steve has taught at the world’s most prestigious trading firms!

Learn to become a market chameleon so you can quickly adapt to new market conditions

Understand why identifying a candlestick signal is only the first part of using candles successfully

Plus Receive These Special Bonuses When You Attend

BONUS #1: Following the webinar, you’ll be granted special access to view the full recording of the entire webinar to review this valuable training and ensure you understand how to implement these new strategies in your own trading!

(Though the webinar will be recorded, the fickleness of technology means we cannot guarantee that the recording will turn out properly. To ensure you don’t miss any of this valuable information we strongly recommend you attend the live version of this session.)

BONUS #2: Multiple Free Prize Drawing – You will have two chances to win free Steve Nison products worth $595. Prize winners will be randomly selected throughout the the session. (Must be in attendance to win)

About Steve Nison

Steve Nison, CMT is uniquely qualified to help you fully exploit the opportunities candlestick charts present to today’s markets. As a renowned author and speaker, he has the distinction of being the first to reveal candlesticks charts to the Western world.

Mr. Nison is not only the acknowledged master of these previously secret candlestick techniques, but is also an expert on Western technical analysis with over 30 years real world experience.

Regarded as one of the most foremost technical analysts in the world, Mr. Nison’s client list includes Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, NYSE and NASDAQ market makers, hedge funds and money managers. He now teaches the public the same secret strategies previously reserved only for his institutional clients.

His work has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Institutional Investor and Barron’s.

He has presented his trading strategies in 20 countries to traders from almost every investment firm on how to apply – and profit from – these methods. He has also lectured at numerous universities. And he was guest speaker at the World Bank and the Federal Reserve.

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