Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maximize Your FX Trading Online Course Jan 18

It's one thing to know how something works but quite another to make it work for you. Trading the world's forex markets is no exception, which is why I'm about to tell you about a very special learning opportunity exclusively for YOU, an active currency trader.

Jim Martens, Elliott Wave International's senior currency strategist and the former technical analyst for a George Soros-affiliated hedge fund, was bullish the buck in November 2009 -- when the opinion was extremely unpopular. Jim stuck to his convictions, because he trusted his method. His Elliott wave analysis signaled a monster move up in the dollar, and that's exactly what happened.

The greenback staged a multi-month rally that rebuffed all fundamental logic and pushed the dollar to gain more than 21% over the euro. The reversal stunned many forex traders, but not Jim.

Jim's understanding of the Wave Principle was crucial in helping him -- and in turn his subscribers -- catch the dollar's monumental reversal. Now, he's offered to teach you how he did it.

Martens and Jeffrey Kennedy, one of EWI's most experienced analysts and trading instructors, have compiled the most useful, informative and downright cutting-edge forex tutorial for Elliott wave traders you'll ever come across. Together, they will teach you the invaluable skills you need to become a better wave analyst and a winning forex trader.

Without leaving your home or office, you will immerse yourself in 4 engaging online sessions with Martens and Kennedy. Each session serves up a set of invaluable tips, tools and techniques you will not find elsewhere. Each session will move you closer to the "next level" -- where you want to be as a successful forex trader.

If you want to kick your forex trading into high gear, if you want to absorb the very best forex trading education EWI has to offer, this is your opportunity. See if it's what you've been looking for.

Jim Martens and Jeffrey Kennedy have over 40 years of combined market experience and hundreds of hours of teaching experience, so you can be assured their teachings are not only actionable; they're market-tested.

Get your forex trading new year off to the right start!

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