Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trading for a Living

If you’ve ever wanted to become a full-time day trader and actually live off of your trading profits, then you simply must drop everything you’re doing, right now, and watch this new video by Dr. Adrian Manz.

That’s because Dr. Manz lives the day trading dream. He’s been a full-time professional day-trader since 1998. And if you did what he shares in today’s free video, you could’ve potentially gone SIX YEARS without a losing month!

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Trading Large-Cap Stocks Is NOTHING Like You Think it Is!

Not only that, but Dr. Manz is a trader who started with very little money and now owns three homes, including a California beach house. He lives a globe-trotting lifestyle most people never get to experience.

Dr. Manz DOESN’T “swing for the bleachers.” Instead, he quietly skims off quarters, fifty-cent pieces and the occasional buck off of trending stocks.

This systematic, low-stress approach netted Dr. Manz 53.2 basis points in 2011 (on a $30K account trading 300 shares at a time).

With the same trading parameters, he netted 41.24% in 2010… 34.8% in 2008… 88.4% in 2008… and 84.8% in 2007… and 42.89% in 2006.

Check out the video by clicking here.