Friday, March 23, 2012

Market Mentor Trading Course March 25

Kick Off a Trading Mentorship with a Trading Legend – the Man Whose Trading Practices Set an Example for Bob Prechter, Who Won the U.S. Trading Championship with a 444% Return in Four Months

Learn from and make real-money trades LIVE with Dick Diamond. Your 4-day immersion into Diamond's Market Mentor Trading Course is just the beginning of your education and mentorship with this legendary trader. Now is your chance to learn Diamond's famous trading program -- including his time-tested methodology and powerful tools.

Students will:

Learn to identify and execute Diamond's high-confidence 80/20 trade setups

Develop the military-like discipline and technical precision necessary to succeed in the cruel world of trading (where only 5% of traders survive)

Make 45-year market veteran Dick Diamond your personal mentor and trading coach during and after the live event.

Did you know that 95% of all traders fail?

Sure, many traders make a picks that wins here and there. But the overwhelming majority never realize their dream and become a career trader.

The rare few who do almost always adhere to strict rules and indicators.

Yet where does those "rules" come from? Which ones are good... and which are downright dangerous?

More specifically, what do they mean? Many traders are wise enough to know they need a mentor, but that's where so many seem to go wrong. After all, one trader's rules won't work for another trader, especially in all markets and all environments. So choosing the right mentor is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a trader.

"Choosing the right mentor is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as a trader."

The obvious question is: Who will YOU trust to teach you to trade your own account? Someone with fast-money promises and a fly-by-night record? Or, someone with a proven record of success in up, down and sideways markets – for the past 45 years?

Please know that if visions of exotic cars, mega yachts and multimillion dollar mansions are flashing through your head, then this course is probably not for you. But: if you're committed to a rational, disciplined, hard-working approach to trading – one that truly works and has survived the test of time – then do keep reading …

Learn Why Dick Diamond Sets Aside a Few Days a Year From Trading to Teach People Like You

Dick Diamond, once called "the Man in the Black" for his comfortable trading record, has been a full-time day trader since 1965. After Diamond helped technical analyst Robert Prechter master the important nuances of options trading, which in turn led him to win the U.S. trading championship. Since then Prechter has encouraged Diamond to share his winning method with others.

Though fiercely confident that others would benefit from his approach, Diamond was reluctant to take time away from full-time trading. So he agreed to give it a shot – with one unheard-of condition: He wanted to include real, live trading. "How do you teach trading without demonstrating real-money risk?" Dick thought. "Risk and discipline are crucial parts of the game; they're the most important lessons a trader can learn."

Soon after his first teaching few sessions, students began sending in their success stories. Dick soon realized that the fulfillment he gained from teaching his method to others more than compensated for the time he took from his personal trading.

It was obvious that he didn't need to stop trading just because students are watching. Instead Dick makes real-money trades an integral part of his lessons. Win or lose, Dick realized that students learn more from real trades, in real time, using real money.

Now, nearly 30 years after his first Market Mentor Trading Course, Dick has taught his time-tested method to over 1,000 traders. And while little has changed about Diamond's disciplined and technical approach, what has changed dramatically since those early sessions is technology.

With help from a few colleagues and former students, Diamond uses several powerful technologies to enhance his analysis methods and speed up the homework process. The tools he's come up with are incredible in their insight, depth, and ease of use.

"Dick Diamond has found that students learn more from real trades, in real time, using real money, so that's what you get to do in his course."