Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Forex Training Online Webinars April 18, 19 & 20

I am strongly recommending, that you register for the “Making Money with TradeVantage” webinar, which starts today and has timeslots available for now through Friday. Spaces are limited though, so grab yours now.

Dustin Pass will be sharing with you everything he knows about being a smart, savvy trader and how to multiply your income using TradeVantage.

Here are five great reasons why you should register ASAP:

1. This guy really cares about helping traders, as you’ll see, so he is holding
an open Q&A session at the end so you can ask anything you want. This is a RARE
opportunity to learn directly from a master trader at no cost.

2. Dustin is going to give a great lesson on risk management and trade management,
and that is his specialty. Most traders are terrible at this, so you’ll find
this part extremely valuable!

3. He will be revealing a way for you to get a years’ worth of TradeVantage access,
at no cost - sweet!

4. You will learn exactly how to use TradeVantage, all of its features will be
fully explained.

5. You don’t want someone else to get your copy since availability is limited
and they are going fast.

Demand has been truly astounding so far. I think it's because of the simplicity
of the software. If you understand how to obey a traffic light, then you will
understand TradeVantage, but managing your account is the key, and that is what
Dustin is going to show you on the webinar.

If you always wondered about lot size and setting stops properly, and that type
of thing, then this webinar is exactly what you need.

If you don’t attend, it’s pretty much assured that you will not be able to get
a copy of TradeVantage, and the evaluation version of the software is going to
stop working in just a couple of days, so it’s now or never.