Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Stop the Losing Trade that Blows Out Your Account

Norman Hallett is the Internet's top authority on trading discipline has done it again!

In fact, he's done TWO THINGS again!

ONE . . . He's polled 1772 traders on what's REALLY getting in your way of being DISCIPLINED in your trading . . . and in response to what he's discovered . . .

He's recorded 3 short audios (3 minutes each) tackling the most important 3 issues reported by traders . . .

- Stopping the "Blowout Trade"

- Having the Strength to Pull The Trigger

- Taking Your Losses without Hesitation

and TWO . . . he's just GIVING these audios to you - complimentary - available for a few days.

Whether you trade stocks, FOREX, options, futures or bonds, ALL TRADERS need good discipline.

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More specifically, when the 1772 traders were polled, the 3 most common "discipline issues" that were expressed, read . . .

"I did it again! I had all this profit and just gave it all back AND MORE in one UN-disciplined trade. How do I stop these debilitating 'Blowout' trades?"

"I'm hesitating to Pull the Trigger when my trading plan signals me to. How can I become more consistent in following my trading plan?

"I'm having trouble taking my losses. Can you tell me how to stop this destructive practice?"

The 3 short audios you'll be downloading, take each of these issues HEAD ON.

So, don't hesitate on this limited time offer.

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