Thursday, May 17, 2012

Profitable Trading Market Glitches

“If you’re trading under $500,000, this market glitch could deliver 25% a MONTH in passive income”

Wall Street firms are too big to capitalize on this, but it’s perfect for the small investor who wants passive investing income.

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On its face, 25% a month is an outrageous return.

That kind of return is totally outside the realm of possibility in traditional investing.

This is not a traditional opportunity.

Check this out: For the last 18 months or so, the research team at Market Authority has tracked a very strange, very powerful market glitch. The strange glitch discussed in today’s presentation caused one very specific group of stocks to move an average of 44% in a SINGLE DAY when the glitch triggered.

In 19 out of the 20 times this glitch triggered during that time period, it caused the stock to go up in price.

In fact, when the glitch triggers, it causes the stock it hits to go up an average of 480%—often in a matter of weeks.

Market Authority took this remarkable market phenomenon—a phenomenon too small for major Wall Street firms with hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in—and found a way to turn it into a passive income.

Watch this video and you’ll see why 25% a month is actually a conservative number in the context of this specific trading opportunity. Click here now to see how it works.