Monday, June 04, 2012

Short-Term Income Long-Term Wealth

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The weak US job growth report last Friday is threatening world economic growth. The world's economic outlook darkened on Friday as reports showed U.S. employment growth slowing sharply. Also with Chinese factory output barely growing and the slow European manufacturing report and the continuing euro debt crisis is falling the region deeper into malaise. The SP500 is now heading into major support areas of 1264.82 to 1208.41. I don't recommend buying any new stocks just yet, and with the market already oversold I don't recommend selling short again just yet. Looks like global stocks are still down with the US Dollar up. If you want to trade and try to make money this week I suggest trading the forex, gold, and oil markets with their high liquidity and market moving news and events.

WARNING: Research shows the markets & methods you currently trade could become OBSOLETE - evidence follows.

A 40 year trading expert from Detroit of all places just released a brand new "tell all" video report that reveals his recent discovery that addresses this #1 concern from his 37,000+ students:

* "What's the fastest & safest way to create both short-term income & long-term wealth from anywhere in the world IN TODAY'S MARKETS?"

It all has to do with an unusual short-term trading technique that exploits the MASSIVE volatility in a very particular type of "real wealth" market.

But here's the weird thing -- it seems that the worse the financial & economic news gets around the world, the better the profit potential becomes in these markets . . .

This expert recorded a series of brand new training videos in his private "trading lab" that reveal his discovery and show you the evidence and results of his research.

PLUS, you'll see how the goal of his discovery is to predict the 5-day trend of these specialized markets.

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Make sure you see the part about how most people are losing their shirts right now with gold & silver... and how his technique tapped into 63% of profit potential in gold and 97% in silver over just the past 12 months.

After you watch it, please leave a comment below the video and let the community know what you think.

This looks like something we can all use for years to come.

This presentation will probably only be online for a short time in order to get your feedback on this discovery, so if any of this interests you, make sure you watch it here ASAP: