Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Whats the Fastest Easiest Way to Wealth?

Making Money as an Investor and Trader

So what is so magical about becoming an investor? Well first and foremost, as an investor you start earning passive income, which is money that you don't have to work for! As an investor, your investments actually create your income for you. The great thing about being an investor is that money never sleeps, it never calls in sick to work, it never gets tired and it works around the clock to make you money.

And as you may know, your income from your investments is taxed at a much lower rate than the money you make as an employee or a business owner! That's why so many people in this country are upset at the rich for "not paying their fair share" of taxes. Though the rich pay more out in raw dollars than most employees, when measured as a percentage of their income, they actually pay far less than most people.

Complaining about an unfair system never made anybody rich. Learning the system and making it work to your advantage is the way to go, it's the American Way. So instead of griping about it, you should turn the tables, and just become an investor!

So why isn't everyone an investor? Good question! Believe it or not, most people don't even consider becoming an investor for a couple of reasons. One is because they don't think they have the cash to get the ball rolling, or secondly, they don't start because they feel they aren't sophisticated enough to pull it off! But in the vast majority of cases, it's simply not true, it's far easier than you might think to get started, which is why I recommend you become an investor.

Being An Investor Is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Generate Real Wealth.

Can you get rich quickly as an investor? Sometimes, but it's better to think of investing as a long-term wealth building approach. But with the magic of compound interest, you can rapidly create wealth; they key is to get started as soon as possible making a passive income.

If you're like most people I know, your problem right now is that you are behind the eight ball. Getting older, still not building any significant savings, or a significant retirement account. Does that sound familiar?

Have some people you know already 'seen the light' and become investors? Are they ahead of you? Doesn't that give you a sinking feeling, knowing that others are properly preparing for their future while you get further behind?

Many people feel that way, but don't worry, it's NOT too late thanks to the magic of compound interest and leverage, which are two critical components of my system.

Compound Interest can make you extremely rich starting with very little money, so let's take a look at that, because if you don't understand how compound interest works, and if you don't see the magic, then really you've missed the whole point and you will never, ever enjoy earning a passive income.

Albert Einstein once noted that the most powerful force in the universe was the principle of compounding. In investing, this manifests itself through something called compound interest. If you are looking to grow wealth over a long period of time, compounding will definitely work in your favor and help you to achieve some exponential gains.

Put in its simplest terms, the phrase compound interest means that you begin to earn interest income on your interest income, resulting in your money growing at an ever-accelerating rate.

I like to call this the AVALANCHE, because it's as powerful as tons of snow rushing downhill at hundreds of miles per hour. It's like a growing snowball, but a million times larger and more powerful! And it's not snow, its CASH!

Compound interest is the engine that creates the Avalanche.

With enough time and a high enough interest rate, the money earned off of the interest alone will be greater than the original amount of money invested at the start.

First, click here to review a chart that shows you how long it takes to double your money given a set annual interest rate. Even at the highest rate on the chart, it still takes almost 4 years to double your money. That's not bad, but with my system, called Profit Agent, you can do significantly faster.

Good day and good wealth to you!