Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Forex ProfitCaster System Review

A retired industrial engineer sketched some unusual triangles on a napkin while at breakfast one morning at a local greasy diner & kind of stumbled upon a way to predict the direction of the 8 most profitable Forex markets with 79.6% accuracy.

Click here to watch what he teaches in a very entertaining video.

(Watch carefully to see the actual dirty napkin in his video, scribbled with his notes.)

Forex ProfitCaster is brand new forex trading product created by Bill & Greg Poulos of Profits Run, whom many people will know from their previous popular forex trading software and home study courses like the Forex Profit Multiplier.

This time around the they are taking Forex ProfitCaster up a few notches in terms of the software behind the product.

The Forex ProfitCaster uses the latest web techologies to bring about forex trading software that is run totally online, so that anyone with a full featured browser can run the software without the need to download and install anything.

This also means that it is platform independent, so that neither the operating system nor the device matters at all. It can be run on Windows, Mac, Ipad etc., as long as you have a full featured browser running on your computer or device you are good to go.

The basic Forex ProfitCaster package uses custom charts and runs on two time frames, hourly and end of day, with upgrades available for more.

Just keep in mind that there is a time factor with the Forex ProfitCaster.

Bill and Greg Poulos only keep the doors open to premium products like Forex ProfitCaster for a short time, so that they can focus on giving the best possible training and support to the people who come on board during the time when the doors are open. The Forex ProfitCaster comes with the following.

Web-Based Trade Alert Software

Custom web-based trade alert software based on breakthrough proprietary ‘triangle’ forecasting algorithms.

Ability to send alerts via email or text message

2 trading methods

1 hour and end-of-day charts

Physical Home Study Course

All new packaging

4 CD-ROM video tutorials & full-color reference manuals

2 trading blueprints

Quick start guide

Online Group Coaching Sessions

Weekly direct access to Bill Poulos and his trading team

Online Q&A sessions

Service & Support

One year of unlimited student email support

Lifetime access to members’ website

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