Thursday, December 27, 2012

Investing in Tablet Personal Computing

Tablet Computing Works and Is a Good Investment

Below I have some tablet component companies to consider investing in but first review some basic information on the this new tablet computing trend. I bought myself an Android tablet this Christmas, and am very impressed with it and the personal computing I can do on it. There are some financial market and some other programs I need to run in which I still need a desktop and or a laptop for, but for the most of the personal computing I need to do the tablet gets the job done now.

Desktop Computing History Soon?

It seems to me now as many have already said that bulky desktops and very possibly laptops running Windows may become a thing of the past sometime in the future unless you’re running special heavy duty software programs, or your kids are hardcore PC gaming addicts. The Android and I’m sure the Apple tablet operating systems run very well, as well as the third party applications for them that tablets and smartphones can now get the job done and with the great advantage of their much smaller size and lighter weight. As far as Windows 8 that can run on tablets and smartphones, I’ve seen good and bad reviews about it. I would think Microsoft will be working to improve it and get some market share.

AnTuTu Android Benchmark

Before buying my tablet, I researched my purchased for about one month. I prefer Android for its open source OS but I’m sure Apple is just as good also. I learned about AnTuTu Benchmark that rates Android phones and tablets. After seeing that AnTuTu ranked the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T as number one and with my other tablet research I bought it, along with the add-on keyboard and am very happy with it. Review AnTuTu to see the rankings for yourself along with recent articles on new Android tablets and smartphones. AnTuTu along with other tablet information sites can help you to determine which tablet and component companies may benefit with growing sales and potential increased earnings per share to be making future investments into.

Tablets versus Smartphones

Smartphone screens are too small, computers are too big, and tablets seem to be just right. At least 10 inch tablet screens seem to be for me. With 10 inch screens its easy to type but with the 7 inch screen it’s a bit to small at least for my fingers. Tablets are convenient, portable, more powerful now, and they meet the needs of those of us addicted to instant access, always available multimedia, and with a internet connection anytime anywhere. Tablets are now overtaking smartphones in sales.

Toy Sales Down and Tablet Sales Up this Christmas

Toy sales for the most part this holiday season have been flat to slightly down from last year sales according to recent reports, with tablet sales booming now overtaking smartphone sales. And why not with a tablet being a multi-function device that you can be productive with along with its educational capabilities. With a tablet or smartphone you can stay connected to family friends and also be entertained with along with many more benefits and features.

China Tablet Manufactures

China has many manufactures that are making low to high quality tablets lesser cost tablets and smartphones these days, although Apple Asus, and Samsung still currently dominate the top end quality of the tablet market. For those on a budget, review PandaWill assortment of Chinese tablet brands using high quality components from worlds leading manufactures. Rockchip Electronics China is a standout chip maker for tablets with their current 70% Chinese market share.

Investing and Profiting from the New Tablet Personal Computing Trends

So with the huge new trend in tablet personal computing how do we invest and profit from it? Start with reviewing the component manufactures that supply to all the different global tablet and smartphone brands. They have the potential to significantly grow sales and earnings per share in the overall tablet smartphone market. Below is a list of companies that are involved in providing the CPU’s, semiconductors, chipsets, hardware, software, and accessories for the tablet and smartphone markets.

Notable Tablet Component Stock Picks from Motif Investing

Here’s a short list of top component companies that Motif Investing thinks are poised to increase their earnings per share and stock price potential right now from continued tablet and smartphone sales. Below that is a list of other stocks that are involved in the tablet smartphone industry.

Arm Holdings (ARMH) – Worlds leading semiconductor intellectual property supplier.
OmniVision (OVTI) – Image sensor company.
Synaptics (SYNA) – Touch screen solution company.
Silicon Labs (SLAB) – Specialized semiconductor company.
Nvidia (NVDA) - Broad market semiconductor company.
Qualcomm (OCOM) - Broad market semiconductor company.

ARM Holdings (ARMH)
Atmel (ATML)
Avago (AVGO)
Broadcom (BRCM)
Cirrus Logic (CRUS)
Fairchild Semiconductor (FCS)
Intel (INTC)
Invensense (INVN)
Marvell (MRVL)
MIPS Technologies (MIPS)
Nvidia (NVDA)
Omnivision (OVTI)
Qualcomm (OCOM)
Silicon Image (SIMG)
Skyworks (SWKS)
STMicroelectronics (STM)
Synaptics (SYNA)
Texas Instruments (TXN)
TriQuint (TQNT)
Xilinx (XLNX)

Memory and Storage
San Disk (SNDK)
Micron Technology (MU)

LG Display (LPL)
Corning (GLW)

Tablet and Smartphone Manufactures
Apple (AAPL)
Asus (ASUUY)
Dell (DELL)
Google (GOOG)
HTC (2498.TW)
Hewlett Packard (HP)
Huawei (002502.SZ)
Panasonic (PC)
Nokia (NOK)
Research in Motion (RIMM)
Sony (SNE)
Toshiba (TOSBF)

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