Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Become an Options Expert with OptionTiger

Become and Options Expert

47 Courses in 7 modules – Beginner to Mastery levels

Over 100 hours of cutting-edge video courses

Generate consistent income month after month

Strategies for bull, bear and neutral markets

Deep insights and cutting-edge strategy

Become a 360-degree investor today !!

Start with the Basics

Macroeconomic understanding of financial markets

Learn why Options are powerful instruments

Nuts and bolts of Call Options and Put Options

Time decay and Implied Volatility concepts

Option Buyer and Seller differences

Intermediate Strategies

Detailed analysis of the Option Greeks

The relationship between the Greeks and Probability

Debit spreads – Bull Call and Bear Put spreads

Credit spreads – Bear Call and Bull Put spreads

Choosing the right Option Spreads strategy

Broad Market Concepts

Learn to track and follow “Smart Money”

Become an expert on how to read stock charts

Master Technical analysis and Volume analysis

Index and ETF Trading

Understand the importance of the VIX Index

What happens during Options expiry

Advanced Strategies

Options strategies for Earnings Plays

Advanced strategies – Iron Condors and Back spreads

Time spreads – Calendars and Double calendars

Delta neutral and Non-directional strategies

Straddles and Strangles – Volatility strategies

Trade Management

Master the art of repairing “broken trades”

Risk and Trade Management

Guerilla tactics using Options

Turn losers into winners with precision adjustments

Advanced hedging tactics with Options and Futures

Strategies for busy professionals that run on auto-pilot

Finance and Macro Trades

Why is the Bond Market the most important to watch

Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Gold, Futures, Forex and more

Learn about the “Great Bond Trade” of the decade